Closing ceremony of the III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS took place on August 27 in Rostov. Full-length, short film and “Russia Inspires!” competition winners were announced during the event.

Closing ceremony was held in «Rostov» theater which was competition and out competition screenings’ main venue. Rostovites got another chance of seeing the stars who attended Rostov film forum this year. French actor Samy Naceri, Roger Christian who got an Academy award for Star Wars scenic design, Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski, English producer Nick Powell, Italian producer Massimo Cristaldi, writer and playwright Arkady Inin, Marchello Zeppi, film expert,   president of Montecatini International Short Film Festival, famous Russian TV and theater actresses and actors such as Elena Biryukova, Egor Beroev, Oksana Stashenko, Irina Bezrukova and other festival guests walked the red carpet. Jurors and film group members of “Russia Inspires!” competition, business program participants including Marc Ruscart, Sergey Bagirov, David Shnaiderov and others greeted the audience form the stage. Oleg Taktarov, BRIDGE of ARTS president, met the festival guests.

BRIDGE of ARTS closing ceremony hosts, showman Dmitry Chupakhin and actress Alisa Grebenshikova, started the event by congratulating the guests on Russian Cinema Day and gave floor to Yuri Molodchenko, the festival organizing committee member, Deputy Governor of Rostov region.

On behalf of the Governor and Rostov Region Government I welcome you at the closing ceremony of  the III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival. This year the film forum was marred by big destructive fire that has recently occurred in Rostov. And it is very important that at this moment “Bridge of Arts” pulled us together against common grief.  Today we say goodbye to our dear guests but we are looking forward to meeting you at the festival next year! We will await new interesting meetings, spectacular events, bright impressions and good motivational films so typical of BRIDGE of ARTS”, - Deputy Governor stated.

Welcoming speeches were followed the award ceremony. Vyacheslav Moroz, press secretary of World Wildlife Fund regional department “Russian Caucasus” announced Special Prize winner. The award for the film subject and professional excellence went to the film group of Tigers and Humans (directed by Sergey Yastrzhembsky).

Aleksandr Eliseev, chairman of the jury of the I Russian National Tourism and Travel Competition “Russia Inspires!”, Russian Journeys TV projects producer, ACCORD Management Group partner continued the gala. He announced the Main Prize winner in “Best Film” nomination. The award went to «Teriberka.LIVE» directed by Yulia Varentsova (Murmansk region).

Short film competition winners were announced by Marchello Zeppi (Italy), chairman of the short film competition jury, film expert, president of Montecatini International Short Film Festival), actor and producer Olga Lesnova (Russia-USA) and producer Mark Ruscart (France).  “Best BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 Short Film” award was conferred to I See You directed by Denis Kudryavtsev. “Best Director” award was presented to the French director Loic Barche for his film Goliath. Wintry Spring (Egypt) directed by Mohamed Kamel got a diploma for “beautiful subject and fantastic acting”, Minus one by Fenia Cossovitsa (Greece) was honoured for “original way of presenting reality” and Halim directed by Werner Fiedler (Germany) was granted a diploma for “telling about war without words”. 

To bring down the anxiety of upcoming full-length film winners announcements Arkady Inin, writer and playwright, took the floor. The audience enjoyed his film sketches.

Main competition winners of the first nomination were announced by juror, producer Nick Powell (UK). Best scriptwriter award went to Moastafa Taghizadeh form Iran who presented Yellow.

Before conferring “Best Actress” award, juror, producer Massimo Cristaldi (Italy) announced that the jury wanted to honour the acting of Russian actresses Inga Boldina and Victoria Isakova starring in Light Up!  The prize in the nomination went to Zuzana Kronerová, who had a leading role in Ice Mother directed by Bohdan Sláma (Czech Republic, Slovakia, France). The actress and crew members could not come to Rostov festival that is why the award was handed to Elena Larionova, festival program director.

Russian actress Elena Biryukova and Alexander Rezvanov, Minister of Culture of Rostov region “Best Actor” announced prize winner. The award went to Rodrigo Pandolfo, Brazilian actor performing leading role in Joao – O Maestro (directed by Mauro Lima). Producer Kamilo Cavalcanti received the award.

Macedonian director Milcho Manchevsky congratulated the winner of “Best Director” award. Jurors considered Shinobu Yaguchi (Japan), creator of Survival Family, to be the best in the nomination. The award was handed to producer Takao Tsuchimoto.

The festival hosts invited chairman of the main competition jury Christian Roger to announce “Best Film” award recipient. Director Moastafa Taghizadeh got on stage again. So his film Yellow took home two statuettes for “Best Script” and “Best Film”.

The acceptance speech of the excited BRIDGE of ARTS hero marked the gala's final part. Oleg Taktarov, president of the festival, Russian and American actor, sportsman, producer, public figure, Sergey Bagirov, vice-president of the festival, producer, director and Irina Kozlyakova, BRIDGE of ARTS director took the floor to close the III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival.

The festival lasted for five days and we managed to do so much! Each festival brings new results and the year of 2017 is not an exception. BRIDGE of ARTS became a member of European Children’s Film Association ECFA. The association unites many world renowned festivals. We had fruitful discussions of vital cinematic issues, collected new script and ideas, - Sergey Bagirov said. – We will set new goals next year and tonight we thank everyone who is making this young but very promising film forum!”

The festival was just fantastic, - Oleg Taktarov stressed. – It preserved established warmth and sincerity but gained style. It was a stylish festival. I want to thank everyone who participated in this film event: volunteers, jurors, festival guests, participants and organizers.  I hope that each coming year will make our festival better. See you next year!”

The end of the Closing ceremony of the III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS was marked Time to Live, Time to Die screening. The film was directed by Mikhail Polyakov (Russia, 2017).

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Best Film – Yellow (Iran, 2017)

Shahab, Nahal, Khamed, Faramarz and Niki are young, talented scientists trying to immigrate from Iran to Europe to continue their research. They have ideas, plans and perspectives. But a few days before their trip Khamed gets seriously ill. He needs urgent organ transplantation. The friends face an eternal challenge whether to give up their idea and save a life or not. What is more precious a life-long dream or a life? As the situation develops, step by step, main characters reveal their inner self and make their most important choice in life.

Producer: Kamran Madjidi
Cast: Bahram Radan, Sareh Bayat, Mehrdad Sedighian, Bahareh Kian Afshar, Shahram Haghighat Doust


Best Director – Shinobu Yaguchi, Survival Family (Japan, 2017)

Shinobu Yaguchi started making short films being a Tokyo University of the Arts student. In 1993 Down the Drain, his first full-length feature was released. Later My Secret Cache and Adrenaline Drive came out. These pictures made Shinobu Yaguchi well-known in Europe and USA. A perfect storyteller Yaguchi is on the list of 10 most promising directors of Japan.

Best Actress – Zuzana Kronerová, Ice Mother (Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, 2017)

Zuzana Kronerová is an actress form Slovakia, a daughter of famous Slovak actor Jozef Kroner and actress Therese Gurbanova-Kronerova. She graduated from Academy of Preforming Arts in Bratislava, she studied at the "acting department" and starred in TV performances and serials. Now she works in "Astorka Korzo '90"» theater. She starred in 40 projects, among them are Stesti (2005), Vsechno nebo nic (2016) and other films.

Best actor – Rodrigo Pandolfo, Joao - O Maestro (Brazil, 2017)

Rodrigo Pandolfo is the young Brazilian actor. He starred in full-length films and serials. The best known are Cheias de Charme (2012), Minha Mae e Peca: O Filme (2013), Faroeste caboclo (2013). His film credits comprise about 20 pictures.

Best Script – Moastafa Taghizadeh, Yellow (Iran, 2017)

Moastafa Taghizadeh is young Iranian director and scriptwriter, his credits include 22 works. Contrasts between logics and senses, rationalism and wisdom are central themes in his creative work.  Yellow received grand jury prize at the Twentieth Shanghai International Film Festival in June, 2017.


Best Short Film – I See You (Russia, 2017)

Young Christina is an unlucky gang member and a poor contributor to common fund. She fails the task of stealing a parked car case. It all happens due to an unexpected encounter with the backseat passenger. It is a blind guy who is about to change her life.

Director/scriptwriter: Denis Kudryavtsev
Producer: Yaroslav Zhalnin
DoP: Denis Makarov
Cast: Natalia Bruntseva, Maxim Egorov, Oleg Fomin, Sergey Komarov


Best Director – Loic Barche, Goliath (France, 2016)

Loic Barche is the young French director who holds a master’s degree in film making and audio –visual research in Sorbonne University. His film credits include three short films: Le commencement (2013), Wise Men (2015) and Goliath (2016).


Main Prize - Teriberka.LIVE (Murmansk region)

Small Teriberka village located on the Barentsev Sea shore became famous after the film Leviathan directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev and immediately became the embodiment of a Russian lonely spot and hopelessness. But after watching the film entrepreneur Boris Akimov came to an unexpected decision. He wanted to utilize Teriberka’s popularity and make some positive changes. He was determined to open new fish farms, cafes serving local sea-urchins, codfish and mussels and launch modern art festival.  Will his team cope with that?

Director/scriptwriter: Yulia Varentsova
Producer: Nikita Tikhonov-Rau
Cinematographers: Evgeny Lopatkin, Mikhail Levchenko