I International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS

The first International Festival of motivational films BRIDGE of ARTS took place in Rostov-on-Don in August 20th -23rd  2015. The organizers have recognized the successful first experience of a large-scale forum in the cinema, sports and film business fields. As a result an active preparation of the second event is taking place.

Three areas of interest are there during the whole festival: Business forum of film and media content, demonstration of domestic and foreign films, "Bridges" Sports Forum. The central theme of the festival business program was the prospects of creating cinema cluster in the Don region. Experts evaluated the benefits of the Rostov region as a film set. Film production development in the region, among other things, will form a positive image of the Rostov region, both across the country and abroad, and will also contribute to finding local talented youth. As a result of the scenarios presentation program of the business forum a contract with the local writers was announced for filming of a TV series about the 1920th  of the last century Rostov-on-Don and its’ reputation of “Rostov-Papa”.

Films from Russian, American, Turkish, Argentinian, Chinese, Italian filmmakers were shown to the residents and guests of the city. Turkish picture "Man Inside Me" directed by Aydin Salman received the main prize of the festival in the "Best Film"category . Italian director Stefano Lorenzi, creator of the film "Get up and fight", was awarded For the Best Director. The same film won the statuette for best music for the film, the prize went to the composer of the soundtrack Alexey Vorobyov (Russia). The prize for Best actor was awarded to the ensemble cast of  the Italian film "So far, so good." Badem, who played in "Norzhma" Chinese film took the statuette for the best Actress. Russian actress Irina Kupchenko, who played a main part in the final film of the festival "The teacher" was awarded the prize for his contribution to the development of cinema.

Gribnoy Kanal hosted a Sports Festival "Bridges", a part of BRIDGE of ARTS - 2015. The program included workshops of Russian and foreign athletes as well as famous actors who are known for their achievements in sports. Audience was shown competitions in sports and acrobatic dance, parkour, street workout, powerlifting and other disciplines.