Directorate of the International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS Business forum invites to participate in the pitching, which will be held in Rostov-on-Don on August 22-23. Applications for those wishing to participate in pitting will be differentiated in two directions: scenario and producer projects.

The leading Russian film producers will act as experts in pitching.

Applications for pitching are accepted in the form of an e-mail with the specified contact details of the participant (full name, phone number, status in the project: producer, director, script writer, etc.) and filled in questionnaire. Participants must send an application to the address pitching@imff.ru on August 7, 2018.

Applications can be accepted only from Russian citizens.

Regulation of pitching of the Business Forum of Film and Video Content of the Festival BRIDGE of ARTS

1. Organizers of the contest

The organizer of pitching projects is the IV International Festival of Motivational Cinema and Sports BRIDGE of ARTS.

2. Basic Provisions

2.1. Pitching is held within the framework of the business forum of film and media content IV International Festival BRIDGE of ARTS (further - Festival) and represents a presentation and protection of production or scenario projects in accordance with this regulation.

2.2. Special cinematographic education is not required from participants. It is allowed to submit projects from one participant to different categories.

2.3. Acceptance of applications for pitching begins July 5, 2018, ends August 7, 2018.

2.4. Each project must be submitted with one application. Incorrectly processed applications are not considered.

2.5. Preliminary selection for pitching is carried out by a selection committee consisting of:

- Valeria Baikeeva, curator of pitching,

- Denis Tretyakov, Director of the Business Forum of the Festival,

- Victoria Babkina, secretary of the selection committee.

2.6. The Selection Committee selects projects for which descriptions are requested. Invitations to the winners of the selection are sent by e-mail and by phone until August 17, 2018.

2.7. TThe selected projects are evaluated by the expert jury on August 24, 2018 – scenario pitching, August 25 - producer pitching. The composition of the expert jury will be published on August 17, 2018 on the official website of the Festival – imff.ru.

2.8. The order of speeches and presentations is determined by the curator of pitching. The presentation of projects takes no more than 5 minutes, the questions to the authors and discussion - no more than 10 minutes.

2.9. During the business forum with participants of pitching, a master class is held to present the projects in the format of the seminar. The program of the business forum is published on the official website of the Festival – imff.ru.

2.10 Participants whose projects have not been selected to work in pitching, as well as students of cinematographic educational institutions and journalists can attend the competition as observers. Their accreditation will be held after August 17, 2018.

2.11. Each participant of pitching agrees that the film, created on the basis of the presented idea, in the final credits will contain information «The film was created in cooperation with International Festival of Motivational Cinema BRIDGE of ARTS.», as well as logo of the festival.

2.12. Sending an application to participate in pitching means that the participant accepts these rules and agrees that the pitching organizers use the participant's personal data, image and information about the submitted project in publications, catalog and on the website of the festival.

2.13. Organizers do not pay for travel, food and accommodation of participants.