General partner of III International Motivational Film Festival III BRIDGE of ARTS is AGROKOM group of companies.

Limited liability company «AGROCOM GROUP» is Russian group of companies possessing tobacco, food and packaging industry assets as well as those of agricultural and retail trade sectors. The group unites more than 60 companies with total number of staff exceeding 15 thousand. The managing company was established in 2004 and is located in Rostov-on-Don. The majority of companies are situated in Southern federal district of Russia. Subsidiary and affiliated companies are spread throughout Russia and abroad.

  • plastic casing manufacturing company «Atlantis-Pak»,
  • tobacco business complex («Don Tobacco» group of companies),
  • Meat business complex (group of companies),
  • mineral and drinking water manufacturing company «Akva-Don»,
  • paving slabs and outdoor improvement units manufacturing company «BETTEKS» («AksaiStroiProm»)
  • agricultural business complex (greenhouse company «АPK «21 century», fish farming company «Don Sturgeon», pig production company «Bataiskoe»)
  • retail and distribution companies («Assorti-express», «Tavr butchershop», water pavilions «Akva-Don»)
  • other companies.