About the festival

Multidimensional Format

BRIDGE of ARTS comprises motivational films festival, business forum and Russian national tourist and travel film competition ‘Russia Inspires!’. The latter unites pictures featuring landmarks of Russia. The film festival is accompanied by sport and city events, excursions, spectacular concerts and shows.


Unlike private screenings, BRIDGE of ARTS is public and aimed at multiple audience. All festival events are open for citizens and tourists. Invited film and sport celebrities do not only rank the event but actively participate in master classes, autograph and photo sessions and share their personal success stories.


Overcoming challenges and pursuit of better life are the core festival motives. Motivational films inspire people to follow healthy lifestyle, to share their ideas and look up to encouraging picture characters. Festival organizers select films of different genres and visions such as documentaries, melodramas and thrillers. Despite of genre diversity all of them are united by the common idea of motivation and encouragement.


Domestic tourism can be effectively developed through explicit presentation of regions major attractions. This concept gave rise to the appearance of a separate film festival ‘Russia Inspires!’ in 2018. This year business forum will be enriched by master classes led by outstanding directors and camera men, by roundtables attended by officials, cinema school classes given by best travel films specialists. Screenings giving you an impulse to set off for a journey are the festival’s gem.


Children and environmental films are of special importance. TV project ‘Film Making Talent Fair’ is held during the festival. It’s aim is to promote children’s creativity, to foster positive outlook formation, to discover gifted children.

In 2018 TV project ‘Film Making Talent Fair’ will broadcast its best episodes on ‘RBK – Yuzhnyi Region’ channel and internet portal ‘Rostov Life’ and provide online voting in ‘Best Production’ category.

Business Forum

Business forum events are targeted at finding solutions for vital film industry issues. The topics of co-production, international film distribution, product placement advantages and disadvantages and others were prioritized at previously held festivals. Pitchings or public project presentations as well as discussions initiated by leading Russian and foreign film companies are an essential part of the forum. Renowned filmmaking specialists from different countries will give master classes within the forum’s frameworks.


BRIDGE of ARTS festival received Russian Event Awards 2016 Grand Prix in ‘Best Tourist Film of the Year of Cinema’ nomination, became laureate of Russian Open Event Expo 2016 organized by Russian national event film competition of Ministry of Culture in ‘Innovative Event Project’ nomination, got a prize for PR development ‘Silver Archer – South 2016’ and is ranked as the ‘Best Area Promotion Project’. The festival is highly recommended for tourists and listed among basic events of the national calendar of 2017 and 2018