‘Russia Inspires!’ announces list of finalists

24 July 2018

Travel and Tourism Film Festival ‘Russia Inspires!’ will take place in Rostov-on-Don in August, 22-24. This year selection commission watched over 207 works from 55 regions of the Russian Federation. Shortlist includes 47 films shot recently on the territory of our country. Majority of the films will premiere at ‘Russia Inspires!’.

‘Russia Inspires!’ is a public, educational project shaping and transmitting ideas of area promotion and concepts of openness, friendliness and accessibility. The festival is held for the second time and it is aimed to increase popularity of travels in Russia both for citizens and foreign visitors. Alongside with screening program ‘Russia Inspires!’ offers educational block consisting of a film school, master classes given by famous directors and producers and discussion platform. BRIDGE of ARTS management and ‘Region PR’ fund are the event’s organizers.

This year selection commission watched over 207 films of 55 regions. 2018 selection falls into the following categories: ‘Region’, ‘Landmark’, ‘Event’, ‘Impression’ and ‘Location’. Moreover, new categories were introduced. They are ‘Welcome’ (blogger format, 1 minute Instagram clip that will be assessed by eminent travel journalists) and ‘Commercial Video’.

Film submissions were closed on July, 1. Most films will compete in ‘Region’ category. These are ten films from the Republic of Bashkortostan, Kamchatka and Stavropol krai, Archangelsk, Belgorod, Nizhy Novgorod, Penza, Pskov, Rostov and Yaroslavl regions. ‘Landmark’, ‘Event’, ‘Impression’, ‘Commercial Video’ and ‘Welcome’ categories will include 6 works each and 7 films will compete in ‘Location’ category.

Competition nominations allow both professionals and emerging filmmakers to show their skills. Finalist selection includes feature and documentary films, video reports and video stories about unique monuments and unusual events. Total running time is 10 hours. This time will be enough to discover new Russia’ – Yulia Fastovskaya, executive director of ‘Russia Inspires!’ commented on selection results.   

Final judgment will be made by the jury consisting of leading domestic tourism experts and renowned filmmakers. Ekaterina Golovnya, producer, director, scriptwriter, general director of ‘Golden Ribbon Studio’ will preside over the jury. Natalia Belyakova, marketing director of Italian development holding Domina in Russia, journalist, TV host, area marketing advisor, Veronica Kosyh, head of Federal Tourist Awards management, Sergey Dudkin, RTG CORP group of companies development director, Sergey Akopov,  cameraman, Russian Filmmakers’ Union member, member of Russian Cameramen Guild and of European Cameramen Guild IMAGO will be in the jury team this year.

‘It is difficult to overestimate the role of films in shaping tourist attractiveness of regions and cities. The reality is that many of us spend a lot of time using social networks and avoid reading long texts preferring watching videos. Thanks to ‘Russia Inspires!’ festival a new film trend is being formed, the one focusing on tourism and travels that we need so badly’, - Gennadiy Shatalov, Region PR chairman, member of Supreme expert council of Russian PR association, ‘Russia Inspires!’ general producer, said in a statement.

Festival finale will take place in Rostov-on-Don in August, 22-24. ‘Russia Inspires!’ program will also include out of competition Russian and foreign film screenings.