BRIDGE of ARTS management announces new dates of the festival

06 August 2018

Management of the International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS decided to shift the dates of BRIDGE of ARTS 2018 to October 10-14, 2018. New dates will allow Rostov schoolchildren and students, who are having their holidays now, to attend the festival events.

International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS is a landmark event in the region and one of the major events in Russia. The festival is open and multidimensional as it combines motivational film screenings with a business forum of film and media content as well as sport and city events, excursions and spectacular shows.

‘I believe it’s a wise decision to hold the festival in the fall. Thus, we will support the year of children sport celebrated in Rostov region. We decided to shift the dates of the festival to give a chance to summer-time holidaymakers to attend our screenings in the fall’, Oleg Taktarov, BRIDGE of ARTS president, said in statement.

Rostov Region Government approved of the idea claiming that ‘the festival conduction during the course of the academic year will engage much more young viewers into the event. From six to ten thousand schoolchildren are expected to attend it’.

BRIDGE of ARTS Russian and foreign screenings traditionally include competition and out of competition films, event-films and short film nights. In 2018 audience will be able to see 100 pictures from 40 countries of the world including special blocks of Indian, Italian and Russian films. FIFA World Cup and year of children sport gave an impulse for distinguishing sport film subprogram along with children and family films one.  

Within the framework of the IV International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS fundraising screenings will be organized. They are initiated by ‘Give Life’ fund of Chulpan Khamatova and Dina Korzun. Films directed by Russian filmmakers will be shown and ‘Give Life’ fund will get half of the raised money.