Tomorrow the selling tickets for the screening of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts” will start

14 August 2015

On Saturday, in August 15, the selling tickets for the screening of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts” will start. There will be presented to the audience 37 movies in motivating movie genre, which include Night of Short Films and 15 full-length films.

The main area for the movies broadcasting will be the cinema “Rostov”. In the cinema circuit "Charlie" a special closed shows will be organized; and in the cinema“Bolshoy” there will be the Night of Short Films.

The tickets to the cinema circuit "Charlie"can be won by participating in the raffles, which take place on the radio and in the official social networking groups. The open sale of tickets for film screenings of “Bridge of Arts” will be in the cinemas “Rostov” and “Bolshoy”. It is desided by agreement with the cinema owners that ticket prices will not exceed 150-200 rubles. The tickets can be purchased both at the cinema ticket offices and electronically on thewebsite of the cinema.

As a part of the competition program there will be shown a film “It’s a Beauty” by Oleg Taktarov and ValeriyIbragimov (Russia, USA, 2015), “Wake Up and Fight” by Stefano Lorenzi (Italy, Russia, 2015), “So Far So Good” by Roan Johnson (Italy, 2014), “Jappeloup” by Christian Duguayn (France, Italy, 2013), “Norjmaa” by Bayaneruul (China, 2014), Red Dirt Rising by Kathleen `Bo` Bobak and James Suttles(USA, 2014), “The Human Within Me” by Aydin Sayman (Turkey, 2014), Dog Lady by Laura Citarella and VerónicaLlinás (Argentina, 2015).

The poster of non-competition screenings includes seven films:“Ice” (Russia, 2013), “English-Vinglish” (India, 2012), “Gods” (Poland, 2014), “Experience” (Russia, 2015), “Brothers Ch” (Russia, 2014), “The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared” (Sweden, UK, France, Spain, Russia, 2013), “Waltz for Monica” (Sweden, 2013).

The foreign movies will be translated into Russian in different ways: subtitles, non-diegetic text, dubbing.

The organizers of the festival emphasizes that the motivation of a person is a sort of “super idea” of the new movie festival: “A motivating movie is movies which inspire people to actions. These movies are about love of life, which cause the desire to be like their heroes. In the main program we have 15 movies and we tried to make the movie the best for the last years in different countries,” – noted the program director of the festival, Anastasia Polyakova.

On the official website of the festival and in the official groups on the social networks there is contained detailed information about the screening program; it is also possible to watch the movie trailers there.

The 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts” will be held in Rostov region in August 20-23, 2015 and will include three areas: film screening, sport festival and the investment area of the media content MIP TV Russia. The principles, which form the basis of the festival – the motivation to the development, healthy lifestyle, partnership.The aim of the festival is maximizing the cooperation between the invited film and sport celebrities and the audience.