The start of EMIR KUSTURICA SHOW ticket sales

01 July 2016

The organizers of the II International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS announced the start of ticket sales for the concert of musician and film director Emir Kusturica and «The No Smoking Orchestra» folk-rock group. EMIR KUSTURICA SHOW will be held on the 26th of August in Dvorec Sporta in Rostov which Hall will be transformed for the event.

EMIR KUSTURICA SHOW means that for the Rostov special program the audience can expect in addition to Balkan, Slavic, Romani and European music motifs, interactive communication with the audience for Emir Kusturica is famous for his being very charismatic, open and ready to surprise. "This show can be compared with a theatrical performance or filming a movie in which the entire audience is directly involved. This communication does not allow to sit in one place, there is a desire to dance. The event like this will give everyone attending an emotional boost of energy, drive and a good mood ." Says Elena Burmistrova, the organizer of BRIDGE of ARTS concerts.

According to her the Festival Organizing Committee carefully examined the needs of the Rostov public and developed methods for the individual approach to each. For the first time in Dvorec Sporta an amphitheater will be created, located on either side of the stage. It will allow the audience to enjoy live performances with maximum comfort. There will be space for standing audience that are much less expensive. In addition, they will be some specific sectors: the fan zone for the most active and tireless audience who wish to personally take part in the show on the dance floor.

There will be up to 4500 tickets. The tickets can be purchased via KASSIR.RU portal or at the Headquarters of the Festival. Organizers note that as the organization of concerts retain the general BRIDGE of ARTS principle of maximum openness, the ticket price starts from 800 rubles.

As previously reported Emir Kusturica will take an active part in the festival BRIDGE of ARTS which is being held in Rostov-on-Don and cities of the region from the 24th of August to the 28th of August. The Serbian musician and filmmaker will only walk the red carpet at the opening ceremony but will also participate in the gala concert. During the business forum of film and media content he will participate in a panel discussion and will give a workshop to share the techniques of creating feature films and scripting, will answer questions from the audience.