The Selection Committee has completed the acceptance of applications for the participation in the pitching of the International Investment area IIP-TV Russia

04 August 2015

On the official website of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts” has been completed the accreditation of the creative groups for the participation in the presentation of projects (pitching) at the investment area IIP-TV Russia. More than 40 applications were received in committee.

Acceptance of suggestions from candidates wishing to present their projects to an expert commission of IIP-TV Russia was launched on June 18.As a result, a total of 42 applications were received for a month and a half: 12 works in the format of full-length movies, 15 TV series, five animated projects and eight movies for children. Two more projects are linked with the accompaniment of the film industry, especially with the promotion of film projects on the Internet.

Until August 10, the expert committee formed by the festival organizing committee, will examine the submitted applications and select 20 projects for participation in the pitching. In August 21, their authors will personally present their works to the experts of IIP-TV Russia, leading industry specialists: producers of film production companies, distributors, and heads of federal television program directorates.

The business program of the forum “Bridge of Arts”will be held in the Congress Hotel Don-Plaza in August 20-21.It is supposed that the ideas and the financial possibilities of the European and Asian film and media market players will meet there.During the discussions, the specialists will be talking about the mechanisms of the creationof the relevant content for the new generation of the audience, about the possibilities of the cooperation between the state and the business, about the making of the animated movies. The participation in the hard-driving business program will become the ability to get maximum relevant information, predict market and familiarize yourself with all the mechanisms of the media sphere.

The International Investment area of the festival is a great opportunity to unite ideas and financial possibilities of the players from different countries. The festival “Bridge of Arts” will be an opportunity to present the city and Rostov region as the area for shootings of new films and TV seriesbut the most important element will be the public presentations of projects, panel discussions and, of course, conferences,” said the coordinator of IIP-TV Russia DilaraKhozina.

The 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts” will be held in Rostov region in August 20-23, 2015 and will include three areas: film screening, sport festival and the investment area of the media content MIP TV Russia. The principles, which form the basis of the festival – the motivation to the development, healthy lifestyle, partnership. The aim of the festival is maximizing the cooperation between the invited film and sport celebrities and the audience. The ideas and the financial possibilities of the European and Asian film and media market players will meet on the international investment area MIP TV Russia. The important elements of the area – public presentations of projects and discussions where the key person of the industry confirm the participation.