07 August 2017

«Russia Inspires!» laureates will participate in festivals held in United Kingdom and Italy due to BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 board negotiations results. The finale will take place in Rostov-on-Don on August 23–25 within the framework of the III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS.

Agreement was reached with Russian Film Week & Golden Unicorn Awards directorate (Britain) and Montecatini International Short Film Festival (MISFF), that has been held since 1949 in a famous thermal resort Montecanini Terme (Tuskany, Italy).

Call for submission for the I Russian National Tourism and Travel Competition «Russia Inspires!» was announced in March. During three-month period the selective committee reviewed about 180 films form 48 Russian Federation regions and accepted 36 films classifying them into six nominations: «Region», «Landmark», «Event», «Impression», «Location» and «Year of Ecology».

The selected works comprise live action, documentary films as well as travelers’ video reports and narratives about unique monuments and special events. Special program total running time is ten hours and this time will allow to reveal new, undiscovered Russia, – Alexey Pavlovsky, executive director of «Russia Inspires!» competition commented.

The finale will start on August 23 simultaneously with BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 beginning. This day will be also marked by Opening Ceremony and non-competition screening of Mountain Range (2016, directed by Anton Lange). Finalists’ competition screenings and filmmakers’ business forum will be held on August 24-25. Panel discussion «Film and Media Content is a Means of Tourist Product Promotion», roundtable focused on legislative aspects of tourism films, masterclasses on directing, scriptwriting and camera work will be conducted.

Winners will be announced on August 25 night at the Closing Ceremony and Grand Prix will be conferred on August 27 at BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 Award Ceremony. The jury members include Alexander Eliseev (chairman), Russian TV travel projects producer, ACCORD Management Group partner; Maria Aleksandrova, Russian Film Week in London PR-director and BBC journalist; Oleg Alekseev, National Event Tourism Association president; director Ivan Bolotnikov and Olga Hotochkina,  «Intourmarket» International tourist exhibition director.

When the idea of «Russia Inspires!» in International Film BRIDGE of ARTS context was conceived , we understood that we will have to incorporate two selection  criteria, – Gennady Shatalov, FROS Region PR board chairman, Superior Expert Council member of Russian Public Relations Association, «Russia Inspires!» general producer said in a statement. – On the one hand, we have to assess the motivational impact of the film whether it encourages to visit some particular place or not and trace authenticity and objectivity in depicting that spot.  Tourism industry experts will assist us in that. On the other hand, we have to estimate artistic approaches, visualization techniques and technical aspects.  That is why we do rely on experienced expertise on film industry professionals. We have gathered a strong expert team and I hope they will manage to choose the best out of multitude of worthy.

Finalist of the I Russian National Tourism and Travel Competition «Russia Inspires!» are:

A Hymn to the Great City (2015-2017, Andrey Efimov, 49 min). Saint Petersburg.
All Begins with AZov (2017, Nadezhda Zherebilo, 11 min). Rostov region.
Amazing Ugra (2017, Sergey Gerasimov, 6 min). Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District.
Discover Buryatia (2017, Vladimir Filippov, 4 min). Buryat Republic.

I Live in Altai (2016, Ashot Dzhazoyan, 18 min). Altai Krai.
Kamchatka. A Journey to Another Planet (2015, Andrey Dneprovsky, 36 min). Kamchatka Krai.

Mountains’ Reflection. Altai (2016, Aleksndra Marchenko, 42 min). Altai Krai.

Krasnoyarsk. Almost a Tour (2016, Nikita Gudoshnikov, 26 min). Krasnoyarsk region.

Perm Region. The Kolchim`s Stone (2017, Alexander Pankov, 7 min). Perm region.
Seamen (2017, Anna Sivkova, 14 min). Kalinigrad region.
Touristic Routes of the Volgograd Region  (2016, Michail Serdyukov, 4 min).
Volgograd region.
Wander Aimlessly. Chekalin (2016, Alexander Subbotin, 15 min). Tula region.
Welcome to Museum Complex "Aseev’s Estate" (2017, Irina Cherkasova, 2 min). Tambov region.
Wonderful Mountains, Wonderful Spots (2016, Ilya Pankratov, 8 min). Voronezh region.

A Lipetsk Region Event Tourism Film (2016, Vladimir Korzinkin, 21 min). Lipetsk region.
By the Curved Seashore
(2017, Vladislav Kuzmin, 3 min). Moscow region.
Literature and Folklore Festival “Sholokhov Spring” in Stanitsa Veshenskaya (2015, Igor Chernishov, 27 min). Rostov region.
Mass Arctic Snowmobile Race (2016, Irina Plotnikova, 3 min). Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District.
Michurinsk Apple Fest (2016, Victoria Fotinova, 4 min). Tambov region.
Patterned Round Dance and Belgorodskaya Sloboda (2016, Aleksey Taranick, 5 min). Belgorod region.
SUNNYFEST (2017, Alsu Salikhova, 1,5 min). Tatarstan Republic.
Teriberka. LIVE (2017, Yulia Varentsova, 41 min). Murmansk region.
Welcome to Khanty-Mansiysk - New Year’s Capital of Russia (2016, Eldar Kulonbaev, 1 min). Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District.

American Dream, the First Part of Dilogy (2015, Andrey Ananin, 15 min). Kransnoyarsk Krai.
Architectural Trip. Krapivna (2015, Aleksandra Zabreiko, 23 min). Tula region.
La mia Russia, or Italians’ Adventures in Maryi El
(2015, Anna Lobanova, 25 min). Maryi El Republic.
On the Edge (2016, Yulia Bobkova, Olga Komarevtseva, Maxim Lukyanets,  Kirill Myltsev, Yulia Sergina, 45 min). Sakhalin region.

Active Leisure Territory (2016, Maxim Zhitny, 2,5 min). Novosibirsk region.
Caucasian Mineral Waters - Russian Gem (2015, Vladimir Babayants, 3 min). Stavropol Krai.
Far Islands. Sakhalin region. Trailer №1 and №2 (2016-2017, Vasily Vishnevsky, 5 min). Sakhalin region.
Lipetsk Region Clip (2016, Vladimir Korzinkin, 2,5 min).  Lipetsk region.
Perm Region. The Arsenov Spring (2017, Alexander Pankov, 5 min). Perm Krai.

In the Fourth Round (2016, Ekaterina Stytsenko, 45 min). Krasnoyarsk region.
Life with Bacteria (2017, Stanislav Stavinov, Andrey Timoshenko, 52 min). Moscow, Moscow region, Northern Caucasus republics. Krasnodar Krai, Karelia Republic.

The Mushers (2016, Maxim Arbugaev, 22 min).  Kostroma region – Yakutia.
Steppe-bound (2017, Natalia Krylova, 16 min). Orenburg region