27 August 2017

Closing ceremony of I Russian National Tourism and Travel Competition «Russia Inspires!» took place on August 25 within the framework of the III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS in Rostov-on-Don.

Alexey Pavlovsky, «Russia Inspires!» competition executive director, gave a start to the ceremony. «Active engagement of Rostov city into tourism films development began this year. Together with jurors we watched tens of wonderful films depicting different Russia: familiar postcard Russia and undiscovered country  revealed through competition films. We need to travel around our country to explore it over and over again. Because «Russia Inspires!», – he stated.

The winners:

  • «Region»  – «Discover Buryatia» directed by Vladimir Filippov (Buryat Republic, 2017);
  • «Landmark» nomination  – «Perm Region. The Kolchim`s Stone» directed by Alexander Pankov (Perm region, 2017);
  • «Event» nomination – «A Lipetsk Region Event Tourism Film» directed by Vladimir Korzinkin (Lipetsk region, 2016);
  • «Impression» nomination – «American Dream, the First Part of Dilogy» directed by Andrey Ananin (Kransnoyarsk Krai , 2015);
  • «Location» nomination – «Far Islands. Sakhalin region» directed by Vasily Vishnevsky (Sakhalin region, 2015–2016);
  • «Year of Ecology» nomination – «Mushers»directed by Maxim Arbugaev (Sakha Republic, 2016).

Statutes with soaring cranes symbolizing freedom and inspiration were presented to the winners by star guests and  BRIDGE of ARTS participants – TV and theater artists, producers and musicians. The Main Prize will be conferred during BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 Award Ceremony on August 27.

We want to remind that submission to the I Russian National Tourism and Travel Competition «Russia Inspires!» were accepted since March. 180 works out of 48 regions were sent for selective committee consideration. The process took three month and 36 films were chosen to be compete in the following nominations: «Region», «Landmark», «Event», «Impression», «Location» and «Year of Ecology». Live action and documentary films, travelers' video reports, unique monuments and outstanding events narrations were among finalists. Total running time equaled ten hours. 

Alexander Eliseev, Russian Tours TV projects producer, ACCORD Management Group partner, presided over the competition jury. Maria Alexandrova, PR director of Russian Film Week in London, BBC journalist, Oleg Alekseev, president of National Tourism Event Specialists' Association and Gennady Shatalov,   FROS Region PR chairman of the Board, Supreme Expert Council member of Russian PR association, «Russia Inspires!» general producer were also among jury members.