Rostov region will become one of the main filming locations of the country

22 August 2015

In august 20, within the framework of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts” there was a discussion about the perspectives of the film process and film business development in Rostov region. The participants of the discussion raised the issues of Rostov region investing attraction in the film industry development, evaluated the infrastructure opportunities in the region, mechanisms of investment projects, financing in the cinematography sphere.

A producer and director Sergey Bagirov set the tone of the discussion. In his speech, he emphasized that Rostov has a real chance to get the impetus for the film industry development and the investing for these purposes. The region is located in the favorable climatic zone and has rich natural landscapes. According to Sergey Vladimirovich, historically “movies are shot in Crimea”. But we must seek new places for shooting films, we need diversify the landscape and Rostov region has the preeminence in this plan. The point is in the initiative: the creators’ willpower and the authorities support is in need.

The Rostov region Minister of Culture, Alexander Rezvanov, emphasized a high interest of the regional authorities in the realization of the ideas for the creation of the perspective area for the Russian cinematography development. He also focused guests’ and participants’ attention on suitable natural landscape and the acting school in the region: “There are 15 state museums in Rostov region; the unique Novocherkassk Museum of Don Cossacks History is functioning where the samples of military uniforms are stored; the story of the migration, the great story of Azov siege sitting are told there. The incredible scenes can be shot in a stanitsa (village) Veshenskaya, Konstantinovsky district, in a stanitsa Starocherkasskaya, in Taganrog.  It is no need in the construction of the decorations: Rostov region has the unique temples and cathedrals, stone-paved embankments. The region has a brilliant acting school: the branch of the State Institute of Cinematography, 4 state and 4 city theatres are working. The excellent creative groups are working there.”

Rostov region Deputy Minister of Culture, Ivan Grunsky, told guests about the opportunities of Rostov region Government participation in this megaproject: “We are ready to give full support in the realization of this project: to provide land for the construction of film studios, to prepare the transport infrastructure, to develop a discount system for the production companies.”

The director of a film production company “Actor”, Sergey Goludov, raised the issue of staff training for film production. On the example of his own experience he emphasized the importance of the parallel Directing Department students’ involvement into real projects during the studying process.

The Deputy of the Vnesheconombank representation in Rostov-on-Don, German Krashennikov, considers that attraction of the investments is a rather difficult task especially in our difficult times. “It is necessary to measure the effectiveness of film industry investing in our region.”

Ekaterina Gechmen-Valdek ended the discussion on a light and positive note: “Your region is quite competitive for the realization of the international project where the participation will let Rostov region not only increase the image, but also create new workplaces. It is important that all of the pieces of valuable advice which have been given today, will be regarded both by the specialists of film industry and by regional authorities.”

Generally, all of the participants of the discussion highly appreciated the Rostov region potential for the development of Russian cinematography.