The program of sport festival "Bridges", which will be heldat the International Forum “Bridge of Arts”is published

11 August 2015

The sport Directorate of the 1st International Festival «Bridge of Arts» completed the formation of sport forum "Bridges" program, which will be held on the Rowing Channel "Don" on August 22-23, 2015.The organizers are planning to create a friendly atmosphere for residents and city visitors, and the area of the festival will be a convenient place for an active family holiday.

Those who came to the rowing channel in August 22 and 23will be able to become not only the spectators, but also the active participants of the event. "We want Rostovitescan enjoy the staginess of various kinds of sportsand to try themselves in specific disciplines.The sports part of the festival will be organized so that the invited stars will be as close as possible to the audience and their example will be able to spread the audience passion for a healthy lifestyle,” said the head of the sport Directorate of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts”, Elena Kosach.According to her, the festival slogan - "Sport makes a person" - brings positive energy, because while we working out we are changing ourown destiny, achieving our goals.

Cheerleading, street workout, powerlifting, circus acrobatics, football, martial arts (kendo, Kaboud, capoeira) and others will be included in the sport festival “Bridges” program. Famous sportsmen will gather for master classes on the Rowing Channel. In particular,sevenfold taekwondochampion, Ekaterina Kazlachkova, powerlifting champion VladislavAlhazov, multiple world and European champion in powerlifting Michael Weber, Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling VarteresSamurgashev champion and winner of many sport tournaments and competitions in MMA Oleg Taktarovare invited to the event. The instructors of the fitness clubWorldclass will hold master classes in yoga and Pilates.

The festival program includes the tournament formixed kinds of martial artsfor the Cup of the festival «Bridge of Arts» President, Oleg Taktarov; during the festival competitions among fans of football and beach soccer will be held; school "From 3 to 103 years" will invite everyone to sculpting, painting and decorating lessons.

In August 21,carting tournament will be heldon the go-cart track of the carting centreLemar in the village of Ovoshchnoy; then it will be moved to Taganrog where the Festival of Sound will be held. In August 23, sport festival will reach Azov. Football match with the participation of film stars and sportswill be held here at the stadium sports school №9.

Entrance to the sports activities will be free (except the cartfest). The sport areas of the rowing channel will be working from 12:00 to 18:00.You can find more information of the sport festival “Bridges” program on the official website and in theofficial social networks groups.