The organizing committee of the annual International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS congratulates its president Oleg Taktarov on his birthday

26 August 2015

Dear Oleg Nikolaevich!

We congratulate you on your birthday! Together we have taken the first step towards a dream, giving residents of the Don region a grand celebration of cinema and sports, our guests - good memories of our amazing region, but most importantly - we have already made it possible to speak of Rostov region as a potential cinematic center of our country.

The last festival has already made history. Our team is preparing for the BRIDGE of ARTS - 2016, working on the agreements of creating the film platforms and are joined by new friends who, like all of us,  believe that if there’s a strong desire and a lot of hard work the dream becomes a plan,  a plan that in more than possible to implement.

We wish you to keep your brand calmness, confidence in the path that you’ve chosen in life and limitless energy that you possess. Looking at you, we learn, we dream and realize that something that seemed impossible once seems achievable now.

Happy Birthday!