10 November 2016

On November 10 took place the meeting of the head of administration of the city Vitaly Kushnaryov, deputy governor of area, the vice-chairman of organizing committee of a Festival of Yury Molodchenko and Oleg Taktarov, the International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS president.

Oleg Taktarov provided to the city manager, who is included into the organizing committee and is the vice-chairman, the project of this year and the development strategy for 2017.

- Success of a festival exceeded all expectations, - Oleg Taktarov noted. - In addition to the actions connected with cinema in days of a festival we held educational master classes and sport events that also promoted increase in audience.

As it was noted, in 2016 the BRIDGE of ARTS project won the Grand Prix of the National award "Russian Event Awards" in the nomination "The Best Tourist Event in a Year of the Russian Cinema". In addition, the city was noted as the main platform of the region attracting tourists. Therefore the Festival will be also considered as the title project on development of event tourism.

Yury Molodchenko emphasized that the BRIDGE of ARTS project is attractive not only the fact that he shows round the city as the modern megalopolis answering to world trends of development of the territories, but also with the fact that the city in days of a Festival is visited by world celebrities which then advance image of Rostov-on-Don beyond its limits.

“We will use the best efforts that guests of a festival returned to us again, and for residents of Rostov is a unique opportunity to participate in the international event and to communicate personally to famous stars", - Vitaly Kushnaryov summed up.

In 2017 the festival will take place already for the third time. For the city it means better detuning of systems of coordination and interdepartmental interaction of structures of service, safety and hospitality before FIFA World Cup 2018.

The project promotes development of important infrastructure facilities, such as hotel network, restaurants - it will allow to receive qualitatively city visitors in 2018.

According to the Festival director Irina Kozlyakova, a task of organizers - to fill with events of BRIDGE of ARTS all 2017 year. Residents of Rostov are expected by the actions connected with history of cinema and its development, expansion of the volunteer case, motor rallies and many other things.