The location of the Investment forum MIP TV Russia is defined

23 July 2015

The organizing committee of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts” and congress-hotel Don-Plaza signed an agreement of a partnership during the forum. According to the document Don-Plaza will become the headquarter of the festival and will take the participants of the international investment area of the media content MIP TV Russia.

The Investment Forum MIP TV Russia will be held during the festival “Bridge of Arts” in August 20-21, 2015. It is supposed that the ideas and the financial possibilities of the European and Asian film and media market players will meet there. The important elements of the area – public presentations of projects and discussions where the key person of the industry confirm the participation. During the discussions, the specialists will be talking about the mechanisms of the creation of the relevant content for the new generation of the audience, about the possibilities of the cooperation between the state and the business, about the making of the animated movies.

“From the beginning of the festival preparation work we have been exploring the options of the locations for our events. MIP TV Russia is one of the key component of our forum, so it is important for us to choose the perfect place for the passing both from the point of view of the proximity to the other objects of the event and from the point of view of the comfort for our guests and experts. Don Plaza fully meets our requirements and the holding of the meeting of the State Council and the EU-Russia summit shows the professionalism of its employees,” said the general producer of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts”, Fyodor Krat.

There will be also the main infrastructure division of the festival: headquarter of the committee, the information service and press center. It is there the participants and guests of “Bridge of Arts” will be able to obtain the accreditation, to get the information and support. A special attention will be paid to the creation of the conditions for comfort work of mass media representatives and the bloggers community. “The cooperation with Don Plaza let us organize the work of the press center. Firstly journalists will be able to participate in the press events and then promptly prepare the materials on the specially equipped places,” said the PR director of the festival, Alexey Pavlovsky.

The headquarter of the festival and press center in the congress-hotel of the Don Plaza are conveniently located for the other areas of the festival – Theatre Square where opening ceremony and local holidays will be held, cinema “Rostov” where included in the screening program movies will be shown. It is also fast to reach the Rowing channel where two-day sport festival will be held.

“The partnership with the organizing committee of “Bridge of Arts” for the congress-hotel Don Plaza is a new interesting experience. The organizers conceived the forum as a multiyear international project, which can build up developed film industry in Don region and we as receiving area are always glad to see the participants of the festival as our guests,” – said the director of marketing of the congress-hotel, Albina Birukova.

The organizing committee and press center will be working in the congress-hotel August 19-24. The program of the investment forum MIP TV Russia and the conference schedule can be found on the official website