International Motivational Film Festival "Bridge of Arts" will partner RUfest

08 April 2016

A Big festival of Russian language will be held for the first time in Rostov-on-Don. Its launch is scheduled for April 12th , 2016. For five days, residents and visitors can enjoy the outdoor activities such as workshops, public lectures and philological quest. General partner of the festival is the International motivational Film Festival "The Bridge of Arts» which will be held from the 24th  to the 28th of August 2016.

The festival this big involves the most open and democratic format. Learning will take place in the playful form, everyone will be able to ask lecturers questions. RUfest aims at increasing audience’s interest in the study of Russian grammar, provision of knowledge on the use of grants for self-literacy.

“One of the mail goals of the International motivational Film Festival "The Bridge of Arts » is the promotion of the region in the international community as a cultural and sports capital. An integral part is the development of tourism. We acknowledge that the mission of the two festivals are similar so we decided to make the festival a key partner of the Russian language. We don’t only want to involve the citizens in cultural activities but also to show how important it is to know their native language ", - said the chairperson of the Organizing Committee of" The Bridge of Arts” Festival Irina Kozlyakova.

15 events will be held as parts of RUfest. Public lectures and workshops with the Rostov and federal speakers among them the chief editor of Vladimir Pakhomov, and the chairperson of the expert committee of the World stock verification literacy "Total dictation" Natalia Koshkarёva. Short films about the Russian language, building communication, the importance of being understood will be shown at the open lectures. The films are  provided by the  International Motivational Film Festival «Bridge of Arts».

The key events of Rufest are reading aloud Championship "Open your mouth" that will be held in Rostov-on-Don, Bataisk and Taganrog; and annual educational campaign "Total dictation" aimed at the development of a literate culture of writing. For the most active participants the organizers prepared a philological quests about the city.