The International Arts Festival "Bridge of Arts" has been announced in Rostov-on-Don

18 June 2015

The International Festival "Bridge of Arts" has been announced in Rostov-on-Don. The festival will take place in Rostov region in August 20 to 23 and will include three components: a cinema festival, a sports festival and an investment platform of media content MIP-TV Russia.

The main theme of the festival is passion for the achievement and progress. "According to the Vice-Governor of the Don region Igor Guskov, the principles that form the basis of the festival - the motivation for developement, co-operation and a healthy lifestyle, - correspond to the policy carried on by the regional government- . - It is important that the event will be attended by a large number of people living in the region. This will not only diversify the cultural life of the Don, but also become an outstanding event of the national significance".

The festival will show 15 films, produced in Russia, the USA, Germany, Serbia, Italy, France, Poland, Turkey, Greece, Norway, and Finland. In contrast to the smaller "chamber" festivals "Bridge of Arts" is aimed at maximizing interaction of movie celebrities and sport stars with spectators. "We are trying to avoid most of the behind the scenes "secresy" typical for film festivals and focus on the greater involvement of the audience. There will be a film show, meetings with stars, sporting events organised for the audience," said the President of the "Bridge of Arts" Oleg Taktarov.

The festival, among others, involves Russian films "Ice," "Brothers CH," "Blind Love", "Cell", the Polish film "Gods", the joint Swedish and Danish production "A Waltz for Monica", the joint Russian and Italian film "Stand up and fight. "

The sports festival will also be integrated into the ideology of "Bridge of Arts" - the ideology of openness, the desire to achieve and find motivation. The stars of cinema and sports on their own examples show how to achieve goals. The main events will be held at the site near the Rowing channel. In addition, some activities are planned in Shakhty, Azov, Novocherkassk, Taganrog.

"It is important for us to see that celebrity guests as well as producers should find a trip to Rostov helpful. Unlike many other festivals, "Bridge of Arts" will not be a closed-door deal for actors, but, first of all, will prove to be an interesting challenge giving a chance to participate in social projects, to motivate other people - and, secondly, to invest in the future. It's about our business program, where you can present your own projects, exchange experiences, plans, look at the industry a bit from a side,"- said the General Producer of "Bridge of Arts" Fedor Krat.

As part of the international investment platform MIP-TV Russia the ideas and financial potential of European and Asian players will confront each other. The major components are thought to be presentations of projects and discussions, with key people in the industry having already confirmed their participation. They will discuss the mechanisms of creating relevant content for a new generation of viewers, the perspectives of cooperation between the state and business and the creation of animated films. "The site will be an opportunity for people who generate content in four spheres ("the wide screen", TV production, cinema for children and animation) to present their projects. This means that people who generate the content, and people with the money to finance this process, will find themselves together, " said the Press Secretary of "Bridge of Arts" Alexei Pavlovsky.