“Interational Festival “Bridge of Arts” – a week before start”

14 August 2015

The competitive screening of movies, which are included in the program of the 1st International Festival of Motivating Movies “Bridge of Arts”, which will be held in Rostov-on-Don in August 20-23, will be opened. As the head of PR-management of the festival, Alex Pavlovsky, said, all screenings will be limited only by the capacity of cinema halls.

“The screenings will be opened by tickets which will have been sold since Saturday, August 15. Tickets for all sessions of the cinema "Rostov" can be bought directly there. The screenings at the cinema "Charlie" are positioned as private, but the cinema raffles the tickets as part of their special offers on the radio, in the social networks etc. In the cinema “Bolshoy”, where in August 22 will be the Night of Short Films, the screening also will be pubic and the tickets can also be bought there,” said Alexey Pavlovsky.

During the festival, some screenings will be also held in Taganrog and Azov; tickets can be also bought in the cinemas of these cities. According to Alexey Pavlovsky, the ticket price in Rostov and in the other cities will not exceed 150 rubles.

According to the Organizing Committee, as of August 13, more than 40 Russian and foreign celebrities of cinema and sport confirmed their participation. Among them are Steven Seagal (USA), Tommy Lister (USA), Frederic Diefenthal (France), Mark Dacascos (USA), Ugo Tucci (Italy), Andreas Pantzis (Greece) and others. Among the Russian stars there will be a director and producer Stanislav Govorukhin, a director and the art director of “Yeralash” Boris Grachevsky, an actor and director Nikita Dzhigurga, actors Vladimir Menshov, Alexey Tutrumov, Irina Bezrukova, Alexander Vorobyov and others.

"Negotiations are now carried with one more superstar and the initiative to participate in the festival came from this one because the celebrity is scheduled to meet with the producer, who will be in Rostov. Now visa support is being decided,” said Alexey Pavlovsky.

The opening ceremony of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts”, which will take place as part of the festival of motivating movies and sports festival "Bridges" will be held in August 20 at the Theater Square in Rostov. Everybody can visit the ceremony.

Competition screenings will last until the evening of August 23; at the same time in Rostov, the closing ceremony and the awarding of prizes will be held. As the Organizing Committee explained, the ceremony is decided to be closed - only the members of the jury, the participants and the crews will participate in it. The winners in four categories (“The Best Motivating Movie”, “The Best Director’s Work”, “The Best Actress” and “The Best Actor”) will receive the awards of the festival, which, according to the organizers, this year will be "conditional".

"We have long thought, which symbol can be chosen for the statuette of the festival – so that it will interpret the color of Rostov. And we understood that in the short term we will not be able to embody this symbol qualitatively. So now the awards will be wearing a schematic view. But I'm sure that next year the statuette will get its face and will be used in the opening and closing ceremonies, as is usually done in festivals,” said Alexey Pavlovsky.

As previously reported, during the festival 37 movies in motivating movie genre will be demonstrated. Eight movies are included in the competition program. The jury headed by the Italian producer, screenwriter and artist, Ugo Tucci, will evaluate them. Such movies as “Wake Up and Fight” by Stefano Lorenzi (Italy, Russia, 2015), “So Far So Good” by Roan Johnson (Italy, 2014), “Jappeloup” by Christian Duguayn (France, Italy, 2013), “Norjmaa” by Bayaneruul (China, 2014), Red Dirt Rising by Kathleen `Bo` Bobak and James Suttles (USA, 2014), “The Human Within Me” by Aydin Sayman (Turkey, 2014), Dog Lady by Laura Citarella and Verónica Llinás (Argentina, 2015) have been included in the final competition program list.