Igor Guskov: “”Bridge of Arts” for Rostov region is the opportunity to demonstrate the region and our residents in federal and global scale”

31 July 2015

The Government of Rostov region held the meeting concerning the organization and passing the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts”. On its results, the First Deputy Governor, Igor Guskov, ordered to develop the detailed security plan for guests and participants of the festival and the solution scheme of the other organizing questions, which are within the competence of regional authorities.

Igor Guskov, the First Deputy Governor who head of the Board of Trustees of the festival held the event. At the beginning of the festival, he said that he considers “Bridge of Arts” as an important promotional tool of Rostov region not only on a national but also on an international scale. “I’d really appreciate if with the help of the festival both region and our residents become famous outside of the country. We have to demonstrate such hospitality and the attention to detail that they wanted to come to us before the World Cup in 2018, during the event, and after it,” noted Igor Guskov. According to him, despite of the fact that the festival takes place without the involvement of the budget,provincial ministries and agencies should consider it as a project, which is realized by the Government of Rostov region.

The Rostov region Minister of Culture, Alexander Rezvanov, also emphasized the interest of the region authorities in the successful passing of the festival: “For this moment Rostov region is considered as a perspective area for the development of the national cinema. It is important that guests of the festival (both national and foreign) understand that the region is ready to take them and their projects, which they have prepared. For our citizens, they will be the inspirers in art and sport, for the external audiences they will be the Don Cossack and Don Cultureguides.

Executive Director of the festival, Irina Kozlyakova, informed the participants of the meeting that for the moment the making of detailed program of the cultural and sport events during the festival. A final list of the celebrities who will come to Rostov-on-Don in August 20-23 is also being precised. Among them are six international stars and about 30 figures of Russian cinema.In addition, film industry professionalssuch as distributors, producers of the production companies, representatives of the leading TV channelsprogram directorates and others will visitthe festival. A special attention is paid to the accreditation of foreign, federal and local journalists, the invitation of the top-bloggers.

According to Irina Kozlyakova, the organizers of the festival feel a big support from the regional government and, in particular, the regional Ministry of Culture,but at the final stage of preparation,the active cooperation of the other regional organizations is required. It is referred to the solving of safety questions of the festival guests and participants, solution of infrastructure issues related to the transport provision, availability of the festival areas, the organization of the feed zonesetc. A separate unit - the organization of the live broadcast of the festival opening on one of the public channels,so that every resident of the Rostov region could become the audience of this major event.

Following the meeting,it was ordered to develop a detailed program of the festival preparation with the participation of provincial ministries and agencies by August 4.

The 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts” will be held in Rostov region in August 20-23, 2015 and will include three areas: film screening, sport festival and the investment area of the media content MIP TV Russia. The principles, which form the basis of the festival – the motivation to the development, healthy lifestyle, partnership. The aim of the festival is maximizing the cooperation between the invited film and sport celebrities and the audience. The ideas and the financial possibilities of the European and Asian film and media market players will meet on the international investment area MIP TV Russia. The important elements of the area – public presentations of projects and discussions where the key person of the industry confirm the participation.