25 August 2017

Opening Night of the III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS took place on August 24 at Theater Square. About one hundred of guests from all over the world walked the red carpet that night. Among them were TV and film stars, sportsmen, musicians, public figures and festival partners. BRIDGE of ARTS red carpet ceremony was hosted by the festival long-time friends Dmitry Dibrov and Irina Bezrukova.

The ceremony began with a concert including «Voice» finalist Alla Rid performance, «Nadezhda» dance theater bright show and most anticipated charismatic German hit singer, Mambo No 5 performer, Lou Bega program.

The most spectacular part of BRIDGE of ARTS was guests red carpet walk. Samy Naceri, French actor, Luc Besson’s Taxi star and Roger Christian, Oscar recipient for Star Wars decorations, joined the procession this year. Roger Christian presides over BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 main competition jury. Milcho Manchevski, the Macedocian director, Elena Biryukova, film and theater star, Nick Powell, English producer, Massimo Cristaldi, Italian producer, Arkady Inin, writer and playwright, Kirill Pletnyov, actor and director, who brought his debut film Light Up! also walked the red carpet. Actor Fyodor Dobronravov visits BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 in a director status with his out competition film Once Upon a Time. Film groups of competition pictures and the crew of «Lighthouse Keeper» being shot in Don film cluster also greeted the audience form the red carpet. Social block of the festival was presented by the paratraveller and extreme enthusiast Igor Skikevich. He traveled halfway around the world on his wheelchair, parachuted and even dived. The participants of tourism and traveling film competition “Russia Inspires!” and Ivan Bolotnikov, member of the jury and director joined the stars of the red carpet. Official program of the festival was presented by experts of cinematography, among them were Mark Ruskart, Olga Lesnova, David Shnaiderov, ect.

The speech of Yury Molodchenko, Deputy Governor of Rostov region opened the official ceremony at M.Gorky Theater.

— On behalf of Governor and the Rostov region Government I congratulate you on the opening of the III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival. Five hundred meters form this place a great tragedy happened. And this motivational festival, motivating for good actions united us to cope with this grief.  We all, including local authorities, actors and common citizens, help people who got in trouble. We are together and it is very important! — Deputy Governor stated.  

Marchello Zeppi, famous Italian film expert, president of Montecatini International Short Film Festival, short film jury foreman of BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 told the audience that it was his second visit to Rostov.

— Having come here I feel like joining a big family, I already know everyone but can’t talk to them. Montecatini Festival is 68 years old. I am younger but I kindly ask you to invite me to BRIDGE of ARTS when it turns 68! – the Italian film expert joked.

Roger Christian, full-length film competition jury foreman in his welcoming speech told that Rostov region is new for him though it was his third visit to Russia.

— There are a lot of interesting places and talented people here, - he commented. – Your BRIDGE of ARTS festival is important because it brings warm wind of international friendship. 

The III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival was started by Oleg Taktarov, BRIDGE of ARTS president and Sergey Bagirov, vice president.

— Three years experience of festival running is little, of course. And we are still young and everything is hard for us. But we have a lot of helpmates, so we wil  ll work it out! - Sergey Bagirov said.

Oleg Taktarov added that this year’s guests and film selection manifests BRIDGE of ARTS development and tendency for further improvement.

 «Litsedei» performance (Saint Petersburg) made the official opening ceremony bright and spectacular.