A film will be shot in Rostov-on-Don

01 July 2015

In the press-centre of RBC in Moscow there was a press conference of the organizers of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts-2015” which will be held in Rostov-on-Don.

The organizing committee (Oleg Taktarov, Fyodor Krat, Prakash Sharma, Sergey Bagirov, a program director, Anastasia Polyakova) told the journalists some secrets of the upcoming event.

According to the president of the festival, an actor, a world MMA champion according to the UFC, public man, Oleg Taktarov, in the coming years Rostov can become a new global filming location.

“Rostov region is perfect for making movies. Days there are long; there is a lot of sunshine, many interesting objects etc. Movies about 18-19 and 13 centuries and action movies can be shot there. But for the last 70 years we have been ignoring Rostov undeservedly. And now we are sending to the biggest Hollywood companies the catalog with the presentation of this region and its possibilities and perspective for the film industry,” said Oleg Taktarov.

He also showed the participants of the press conference the video interview with a famous actor, director and producer, Steven Seagal, who has already announced his plans about the realization of one of the projects in the Don capital. By the way, according to Seagal, he is also Russian a little bit.

“The family of my father is from Vladivostok and St Petersburg. And I am glad to greet the organizers of the festival and the participants of the 1st International Motivational Film Festival in Rostov-on-Don. I am very flattered and happy to be involved in this work with you. This wonderful city is perfect for our interesting projects. The weather is fine, the sky is clear and places are very beautiful here. This is my choice and I will be glad to tell my colleagues about great opportunities of making movies in these places,” claimed Steven Seagal.

According to him, soon he will arrive to Rostov with his working group to “make acquaintance with the region and begin working as soon as possible.”

The perspectives of Rostov as a new centre of film industry are linked with the restricting access to the traditional filming locations of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa etc) where, according to Oleg Taktarov, in the last years about 20-40 film groups could work at the same time. They are also linked with rise in prices of filmmaking in Belarus and the countries of Eastern Europe. As the president of Rostov festival noted, in Rostov region the organizers managed to reach full understanding with the authorities of the region.

“We passed some regions and saw the devil-may-care attitude of the people to the place where they work. Everything is different in Rostov region. Those, who was born, worked, studied and, finally have stayed there, are working now in this region and shooting films there is their dream. Due to the position of the regional leadership, we have a clear understanding of the price policy – prices will not “jump”, they are defined once and we agree with them,” claimed Oleg Taktarov.

The organizers of the festival emphasizes that the motivation of a person is a sort of “super idea” of the new movie festival: “Motovational movies are the movies which inspire people to actions. These movies are about love of life, which cause the desire to be like their heroes. In the main program we have 15 movies and we tried to make the movie the best for the last years in different countries,” – noted the program director of the festival, Anastasia Polyakova – “And of course in all our movies star cast consists of the famous directors, actors who can arrive not only to present their movie but also to participate in the business program of the festival.”

The 1st International Rostov Motivational Film Festival “Bridge of Arts” will be held in Don capital from 20 to 23 of August. 15 movies from all over the world are included in its program. For this moment both world cinema stars (Steven Seagal, Mark Dacascos, Danny Trejo and others) and famous Russian actors, directors and producers (Nonna Grishayeva, Igor Jijikine, Aleksey Chadov, Sergey Zhigunov, Kirill Pletnev and others) are ready to participate in the festival.