At the film festival in Rostov-on-Don the first contract for film production was concluded

21 August 2015

At the first International Motivation Film Festival “Bridge of Arts” in Rostov-on-Don the first deals were concluded. According to the results on the past within its framework pitching (presentation of scripts to potential producers) after just the first presentation famous Russian film director and producer Sergey Bagirov (the series “Death to spies”, “Looking downward”, “The dorm”, “The black river”) concluded a preliminary agreement on shooting series with local script writers in the Don capital. According to the words of one of them, who asked not to mention his name, the film will be devoted to peculiar “calling card” of the city famous “Dad Rostov”.

- We suppose that a nowadays viewer is fed up of frostbitten killers, corrupt policemen, floods of blood and pseudo positive heroes with the ideology of an executioner from the screen, - he told us. - We present a project in which we will show the real, but not fictitious, thieves' capital of Russian Empire of the beginning of 20th century and which became a legend of criminalistics history along with “Mom Odessa”. There are no fictitious characters in our story – all of its participants are authentic, alive people with their drawbacks and merits. We will show professional “work” of Rostov pilferers, house breakers, smash-and-grab gangs, rascals, train thieves, owners of famous Bogotynovka hang-outs. Our hero isn't a serial gangster but he is a real professional thief with immaculate manners and clear “concepts”, who lives according to the principles “politeness is the main weapon of a thief” and “don't take away one's hope and don't take unnecessary”. It's supposed that the shooting of the film will be hold in Rostov-on-Don where, according to the words of Sergey Bagirov, there is all necessary for a film studio infrastructure.

- Nowadays only three cities have their own “face” in Russia, - he thinks. - Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov. By virtue of its local coloring, mentality, special accent, culture. There is exactly what is necessary for film shooting in Rostov: availability of resource base, location and own actors. I'm sure that the film company “Central Partnership” will join Rostov but not with one project.