Dolph Lundgren is the II International festival BRIDGE of ARTS participant

15 July 2016

Actor, director and martial artist Dolph Lundgren has confirmed his visit to the festival. He will take part in the BRIDGE of ARTS opening ceremony and the events of the Sports forum “Bridges-2016”.

“I invited Dolph during our mutual shooting in Mexico. He is a great sportsman and an actor - an iron man. Once we even tried strength on the fighter's ring. I won, but I believe Lundgren would not refuse to rematch. Who knows, maybe it will take part in Rostov-on-Don”, said BRIDGE of ARTS president Oleg Taktarov.

At the festival Dolph Lundgren will appear on the Red carpet at the BRIDGE of ARTS opening ceremony which will be held on August 25 on the Teatralnaya square. Also the star of the Hollywood action films will visit the Sports forum “Bridges-2016” to take part in a star parade with other sportsmen and to run a workshop.

Dolph Lundgren has starred in more than 60 films. His most famous roles are Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV and Andrew Scott in Universal Soldier. Among the most well-known films starring Lundgren are The Punisher, The Expendables series and Showdown in Little Tokyo. Lundgren has become a director since 2004. His five released to date works are The Defender, The Mechanik, Missionary Man, Command Performance and Icarus.

II International Motivational Film festival BRIDGE of ARTS will host other world famous stars including legendary director Emir Kusturica (Serbia), actor and director Michele Placido (Italy), actor Mark Dacascos (USA) and others.