06 February 2017

The International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE OF ARTS is celebrated by an award in the field of development of public relations "The silver archer — the South". The jury of an award recognized the project as the best in area of development and promotions of the territories.

Public protection of projects within the 7th award in the field of development of public relations "The silver archer — the South" took place on February 3 in Rostov-on-Don in Central Southern Federal University dormitory . Jury which part specialists in the field of PR, GR, marketing were members of the media and top managers of the large companies from all South of Russia, first of all estimated a clear understanding of business objectives, communication strategy and the used PR-tools. The presentation of a festival considered these aspects, and also paid attention to the importance of the project for the region. "Promotion of the territory of region at the federal and international level is strategic and cross-industry task. The BRIDGE of ARTS project has already an effect of synergy today and is the driver in development of such spheres as film production, tourism, education, sport and culture", - the deputy minister of culture of the Rostov region Ivan Grunsky noted.

The International Motivational Film festival is held in the south capital two years and during this time became one of the brightest events, drawing attention both professionals in the field of cinema, and tourists from around the world. At the end of last year it was included in the National calendar of events: as the event action recommended to tourists for visit. Taking into account it in case of application for an award the nomination was chosen – "The best project in the field of development and promotion of the territories" was chosen.

"The main award in the field of public relations showed us that the film festival is recognized, technologies of the integrated communications and approaches which we use, are assessed by experts positively. The BRIDGE of ARTS is not only a film festival and city event, but also the socio-cultural project aimed at the development of internal tourism in the region and promotion of the Rostov region in the international community", - the director of BRIDGE of ARTS Irina Kozlyakova commented.

In addition to BRIDGE of ARTS winners in the nominations became "Program of support of female businessmen of the South of Russia" (PJSC CB Center-Invest), the project "Bazelaero — Dream Team", "175 good deeds" (Southwest bank PJSC Sberbank). The special prize for the best author's project has deserved Anton Lange's work "Backbone. The Caucasus from the sea to the sea". Vladimir Verbitsky, the PR-specialist of "LTD GC KLUCHAUTO" is recognized as "The master of communications".