"BRIDGE of ARTS. The West" – a rehearsal of the main event of the year

17 May 2016

On 26 th of May special screenings of BRIDGE of ARTS starts in the Rostov oblast (Russia), in which will show the best Western models of motivational movie last year. "BRIDGE of ARTS. The West" is appealed to draw the viewers’ attention to the main event of the year – the II International festival of motivational movie and sports, which will be held in the cities of Rostov oblast, on August 24-28th, 2016.

Residents of Rostov-on-don and Taganrog will be able to estimate the new motivational movies of Western countries. On 26 th and 27 th of May they will be shown tapes of French, German, Turkish, Norwegian and Danish filmmakers. All of them have been released within the last year, and at the same time exhibited in a limited format in Russia. Particularly noteworthy is the film "Young blood" with Catherine Deneuve in the main role, as well as "Mustang" and "Louder than bombs", are respectively nominated for "Oscar" and "Golden palm".

The sites of special screenings of "BRIDGE of ARTS. The West" will be the cinema center "Bolshoi" and "Charlie" in Rostov-on-don and Taganrog. The spectators, who come to the screenings, will also participate in special events, win prizes prepared by the organizers.

"The films that we have selected for screenings in the framework of the "BRIDGE of ARTS. West", reflect the situations occurring in the world, as well as trends in European cinema. And, of course, they all are motivational and relevant to the theme of our festival. These films are worthy to be presented to the audience of the Don region. Unfortunately, not all films can enter the competitive program of the festival, so we decided to hold special shows in May, and they are an integral part of this festival, too” - told the program Director of the BRIDGE of ARTS Anastasia Polyakova.

The special screenings "BRIDGE of ARTS. The West" will be a key event before the tense summer period of preparation of the main cultural event of the region - the II International festival of motivational movie and sports BRIDGE of ARTS. "In June an advertising campaign of the festival will start, the selections of the films for all programs of our cinema will be complete, the negotiations with the participants of the festival will be on the home straight – the stars of the films and sport from our country and from abroad. In this hot for the organizers of the festival time, the residents of Rostov will leave on vacation, so the "BRIDGE of ARTS. West" - a great opportunity with wonderful movies to remind to come back home earlier than the beginning of September", - said PR-Director of "BRIDGE of ARTS" Alexei Pavlovsky.

As previously reported, the festival "BRIDGE of ARTS", which includes three formats (cinema, sports and business forums), announces the main events of local projects during the whole year. So, in February held mini festival «Modern adaptations of Anton Chekhov", in April held the First Russian festival of admirers’ literacy "Rufest" and motivational project "Sport arena".