BRIDGE of ARTS Sports Forum was attended by more than 5 thousand citizens

26 April 2016

"Sports Arena" Forum took place on April 23rd  in Rostov-on-Don and was organized by the International Festival BRIDGE of ARTS team. Over 5 thousand people took part in the"Rostov ring” rally , competitions in weightlifting, CrossFit and street workout.

Morning exercise on K.Marx Square preceded the actual sports competitions.They were performed with the guidance of the Don athletes: the head of the Rostov branch of the regional federation of cheerleading Maria Aydarkin, Olympic basketball champion Elena Shvaybovich, two-time Europe champion and the world champion, the winner of the Olympic Games in Greco-Roman wrestling Varteres Samurgashev.

After the workout, the Forum participants went for a traditional memorial run of the  "Rostov ring”. The start was given by the head of Rostov-on-Don administration Sergey Gorban. This year the route was 22 kilometers. From Karl Marx Square the athletes had to reach Pleven park, had three stops on their way, then – cross the same distance in the opposite direction, finishing in the same place where they’ve started.

Meanwhile the remaining athletes and the audience opened the 1st Rostov-on-Don amateur championship in weightlifting. In the front open area of the Regional House of Folk Arts Rostov-on-Don championship of CrossFit took place. This particular sport gathered a large number of spectators. Teams participating in the competition demonstrated their skills in kontovanii tires, lifting weights, climbing the tightrope not using your legs. The teams that have completed all the exercises correctly and spent a minimum amount of time won. The final stage of the competition was the street workout. Pulling up on curly grips, jumping on the platform, holding a corner-ups on the bars, weight lifting grip for curly grips – all these had be completed for the street workout competition.

The competitors were supported by the Russian weightlifter, the silver medalist of the Olympic Games (2004),the bronze medalist of Olympic Games (2008), World Champion, European Champion Khadzhimurat Akka. "Thanks to the "Sports Arena" organizers the Rostov athletes had the opportunity to participate in competitions, to showcase their skills, and the audience could learn about sports represented. At this point the sports direction in our city is actively developing. The number of rally participants and the competition participants says it all" Said the guest of honor.

Motivational project "Sports Arena" represents the sports unit of the International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS that includes three formats (film screenings, sports and business forums). It is fully consistent with the concept of sport forum "Bridges": accessible sports champions workshops, maximum openness to the public. II International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS will be held in Rostov-on-Don from the  24th  to the  28th of August 2016.