BRIDGE of ARTS official ceremony held in Rostov-on-Don

26 August 2016

On August 25 the official opening of BRIDGE of ARTS took place. All the guests and festival participants walked the red carpet. This year’s presenters were Dmitriy Dibrov and Irina Bezrukova.

Murzilki International from Avtoradio started the festival opening with several songs dedicated to Rostov. Their performance was followed by the film presentations of competitive program including Russian and foreign ones.

Among the celebrities on the red carpet there were Alain Depardieu, Alessandro Passadore, Pippa Cross, Michele Placido, as well as Russian stars Alyona Babeno and Vladimir Aleynikov. The conclusion of the opening ceremony was received with tumultuous applause.

Also on August 25 producer worlshop of the famous French producer Alain Depardieu took place. He started the conference with the reminiscence of his youth and some facts about his professional life.

"I started my career as my brother Gérard Depardieu's best man. Watching him acting on a set, I gained a lot of experience and it pushed me to be a producer. My aim was to be recognized as a person and not a brother of a great artist. Everything in this profession depends on the luck. If you're lucky, it will work."

Then journalists contined with the questions. Alain insisted on more personal question instead of professional ones. A question was raised about the possibility of Russian citizenship. Alain said: "If I am offered it, I'll definitely get it".