18 August 2017
BRIDGE of ARTS объявляет участников питчинга 2017

III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival received 157 pitching submissions: 89 screenplay projects and 68 producer projects. The selective committee chose 37 out of total number.

Students, professional scriptwriters, award-winning and experienced filmmakers, film studios and independent authors can take part in BRIDGE of ARTS pitching. Project authors come from various areas including Krasnodar, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Nalchik, Belgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg, Tula, Kurgan, Bishkek, Kiev, Donetsk, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Genre diversity of impressive: 50% of authors prefer to create mystical, sci-fi and fantasy films, half less prefer to write dramas and melodramas, the smallest part, 15%, is engaged in comedy making, every tenth submission was devoted to children’s films.

Majority of applicants, 40%, try their hand in short film making, 30 % of candidates are planning to shoot TV and online serials and sitcoms, 20% dared to focus on features and minority, 10%, on documentaries. Mockumentary serial and popular science projects were also submitted.  

«We decided to separate producer and screenplay pitchings. It will be convenient for both jury members and participants, they will be more focused. Documentary films block is pitching 2017 innovation as such genre enjoys increasing interest, - Denis Tretyakov, business forum head said in a statement.  Rostov projects were not singled out as their high level permits acceptance to general block».

2017 pitching is composed of 12 Rostov projects: 7 producer and 5 screenplay ones.  


Producer Pitching Short-list:

1. Angelov Pyotr «Ratan»

2. Barsukova Anna «You are Not Alone»

3. Beberashvili Mikhail «To Steal the Moon in Dionysus’ Gardens»

4. Bondareva Olga «Inner Bristol»

5. Vicharov Alexander «My Uncle Keeps to Honest Systems»

6. Gavrilova Alexander «Once at War Time»

7. Gudoshnikov Nikita «Vera»

8. Gushin Evgeny «Backstage»

9. Kuts Alexander «Pipe»

10. Pakhomova Svetlana «Knights’ Legends»

11. Peregudov Pavel «Hymn to Lonely Hearts»

12. Rozhkov Maxim «What Caused Our Extinction»

13. Salnikhov Andrey «Olivier from the Future»

14. Smirnova-Martsenkevitch Olesya «Writers»

15. Tverdokhleb Elena «Second Ekaterina»

16. Khmelnitsky Bogdan «Fitness Club»

17. Tsentukh Elena «Granny went to the Chemist’s»

18. Tselikov Sergey «In the Wild»

19. Fashenko Maxim «True Victoria»

20. Yagofarov Shamil «Rescue Day»


Screenplay Pitching Short-list:

1. Vinogradova Ksenya «It is Petersburg, baby»

2. Volkova Yulia «Hive»

3. Glagola Roman «Coffee Irish Style»

4. Karsten Denis «Main Fan»

5. Kisin Sergey «Poison for Soul»

6. Kozlov Denis «Tattoo»

7. Kozlov Vladimir «Cutting through the Field»

8. Kumykov Magomed «Grandson»

9. Kuralekh Alexey «The Parable of Prodigal Granddad»

10. Lubsky Oleg «Flier - Beginning»

11. Makarenko Evgeny «Detective Agency «Ex-Captain»»

12. Medvedetsky Maxim «Smile of Buddha»

13. Morozova Elena «Light up, Christmas Tree!»

14. Nagaeva Olga «Bloggers»

15. Prokhorova Polina «Up High»

16. Ruban Igor «Don Carrousel»

17. Slavina Dina «City’s Underground Mysteries»