BRIDGE of ARTS Announced Call for Business Program Pitch Submissions

13 July 2017

Business forum BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 organizers announced call for pitch submissions. Three pitching sectors are planned to be formed: screenplay, producers’ and regional ones.

BRIDGE of ARTS pitching procedure has already become traditional: annually about 150 submissions from all parts of Russia are received. In 2017 not less than 200 submissions of those willing to present their works to a competent jury are expected. That is why the festival organizers decided to expand the pitching’s duration, now it is a two-day event held on August 24-25.

Pitch submissions will be ranged into three sections: scriptwriters’, producers’ and regional projects.

– The emergence of Rostov pitching sector is explained by the fact that a number of people wishing to make films on their own has increased in recent two years. This tendency is also influenced by BRIDGE of ARTS festival. These films appear in a variety of genres: documentary, art house, mystic, biographical films and many others, – Denis Tretyakov, a director of the Business forum of the III International Film and Sport Festival Bridge of Arts points out. – The main criterion for Rostov pitchings is location. The setting must be either in the city of Rostov or in the region. Only local actors, editors, lighting technicians, costume designers and other specialists have to come from the region. Crowd scenes must also be shot here. The reason behind it is that we aim to promote our region as being interesting and original.

One more innovation of BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 pitchings concerns jurors. There will be two jury teams led by Sergey Bagirov, Sergey Ginzbourg, Fedor Krat and other invited experts. The lists are being formed at the moment.

Only full-legth and short films (running time up to 15 minutes) as well as serials (including cross-media and web-series) are accepted for consideration. These can comprise feature, animation and documentary films. A special educational program is prepared for pitching participants. In particular, they will be able to take part in seminars devoted to presentation creation.

Pitches should be submitted via e-mail providing potential participants general information (first and last name, telephone number, project status: producer, director, scriptwriter and so on) and a filled out application form. Pitches should be submitted to before August 7, 2017.