BRIDGE of  ARTS and European Children's Film Association (ECFA) signed a cooperation agreement

25 August 2017

A roundtable discussion of family and children's film production and promotion techniques took place on August  25 during business forum of film and media content. Marketa Pasmova, art director of  International Festival for children and Youth  ZLIN IFF (Czech Republic),  Michael Harbauer, general producer of International Film Festival  for Children and Young Audience Schlingel (Germany), director of Saxon film distribution bureau, Gert Hermans, communication manager of JEKINO film distribution company (Belgium) and also Simone Baumann, producer, German Films in Eastern Europe representative and others shared their experience.

Ekaterina Bordacheva confesses that there is not a single big children's film festival in our country . There are some minor festival platforms focusing on animated films and  nobody remembers about live action films for children in Russia. How to promote such films? How to arouse theaters interest in non-commercial projects? How to revive children's films educational message? These questions were raised and discussed by Russian, German, Czech and Belgian experts.

The roundtable discussion resulted in signing of cooperation agreement between BRIDGE of  ARTS and ECFA (European Childrens Film Association).