31 July 2017

Marcello Zeppi, a famous Italian filmmaker, president of Montecatini International Short Film Festival, will preside over short film competition jury at the III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS. Producer Marc Ruscart (France) and Olga Lesnova producer and actress (Russia-USA), will also join the jury board.

Marcello Zeppi is a famed Italian filmmaker and president of Montecatini International Short Film Festival (MISFF), founded in 1949 by Italian Federation of Cineclubs (FEDIC) in well-known thermal spa Montecanini Terme (Tuscany, Italy). Live action, documentary, animated and short films from all over the world are screened annually at the festival. Previously Marcello Zeppi worked as an art director of «Filmspry» (Florence, Italy).

Marc Ruscart is a producer (France), Rivages Russie Evenements association president and Russian film festival organizer (France). This high-level event is considered one of the major annual cinematic film competitions in France. Marc Ruscart’s credits include eight films including Pierre Richard starrer SHEKVAREBULI KULINARIS ATASERTI RETSEPTI, 20 NUITS ET UN JOUR DE PLUIE, (PASSEURS DE RÊVES and others.

Olga Lesnova is a producer and actress (Russia-USA). She studied film production at New York Film Academy. Olga launched her career as a short film producer (Heart, Ivan, Sashenka, Boomerang). Since 2012 she has been working on Hollywood international projects. Her first full-length comedy project CHEF (directed by Jon Favreau) with the budget of $13 million dollars proved to be box office success of $51 million dollars and TRIBECA Audience Choice Award winner. This prestigious festival was founded by Robert de Niro and it is held annually in New York. Olga’s next full-length project was OUT OF THE SHADOWS thriller (directed by Duncan McLachlan) produced in Australia in June, 2016 and distributed in USA.

 We were extremely selective at composing the short film jury. Beginning filmmakers often start their career with short films while experienced directors utilize this format for expressing their new vision and for interaction with audience. Expert verdict is very important as it determines film industry’s future, - BRIDGE of ARTS general producer Fyodor Krat said in a statement.

Short film competition comprises 21 projects: five from Russia, others from Hungary, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Jordan, Italy, China, UAE, USA, Kirghizia, Korea, France and Japan. 24 short film are included into non-competition program. Collectively short film program comprises 45 films out of 22 counties of the world. The program will start on August, 3.



III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS will take place in Rostov-on-Don, August 23–27. The festival will include full-length and short film competitions, non-competition screenings, business forum of film and media content. Russian National Tourism and Travel Competition «Russia Inspires! is a special project of BRIDGE of ARTS 2017.



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