03 August 2017

III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS announced short film program. 20 films out of 14 countries will compete for the victory.

Majority of films selected for BRIDGE of ARTS competition program were produced in 2017, some of them will be screened for the first time. Films made in Germany, Greece, Hungary, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Jordan. Italy, China, Korea, UAE, France and Japan will be shown in Rostov-on-Don.  Four Russian films will also take part in the competition.

– These films have everything that makes short films our favourite: stylish humour, brevity, originality and special tempo characteristic of such films. We hope that jurors and audience will assess the submitted films with accuracy. We want our festival to become a springboard for young Russian directors’ exposure to the film industry world, – Dmitry Yakunin, BRIDGE of ARTS short film program curator stated.

Short film screening will take place in Rostov-on-Don on August 25-26. 22 more non-competition short films from different counties of the world will be screened next night. Producer Yaroslav Zhalnin (with his film I See You), actress Anna Bachalova (Take Note) and Alexander Tsoi, director of The Best…From the First Person will join the short film program. Producer Yuri Vaksman will also come to Rostov-on-Don. He will present The Way directed by Levan Lazishvilli and participate in Business Forum BRIDGE of ARTS 2017.

Winners in two nominations Best Short Film and Best Director will be selected. As previously announced the BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 short film jury will be presided by the famous Italian film expert, president of Montecanini International Short Film Festival Marcello Zeppi. Producers Marc Ruscart (France) and Olga Lesnova (Russia – USA) will also join the jury members.

The films listed below are selected for BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 short film program:



Italy, 2017

Director: Giuseppe Garau

The girl Sarah is a pizza deliverer and in a flash she gets into the world of miracles, fantasy and grave danger. The director leads the audience into realm of mysticism, thriller, drama and ends up with sheer comedy. And the one who wanted seven pizzas is to blame!



Russia, 2017

Director: Evgeny Nikitin

Eduard Karpov comes from a well-off family, he is a school’s favorite who is pleased and treated respectfully. But the emergence of a new girl Alisa Klimova ready to undermine his leadership broke the peace. Edic accepts the challenge but his opponent turns out to be a professional kick boxer. What will the rich kid pick?



China, 2017

Director: Chang Yu

The main character doesn’t want to get rid of an unborn baby. Neither Chinese one-child policy, nor her husband’s convictions can stop her fight for a new life. She decides to marry a stranger to officially register a first-born child in a new family. 



Germany, Коrea, 2017

Director: Seung-Hyun Chong

This is a drama featuring a young woman who came to Soul in search of better life. But she encounters a myriad of difficulties and the anticipated paradise leaves all her expectations far behind. Each day Euna faces long-forgotten situations she dreams to get rid of…



Jordan, 2016

Director: Said Zagha

Samaeh, a school teacher, is kind and intelligent and incapable of punishing of his lazy and lying students. His young son Salim has to defend the family honour and this fact makes him angry. But three days spent together turned the father’s image upside down.



France, 2016

Director: Loic Barche’

Gadget era creates difficulties for teen love. Will beloved one like his posts? Will she react to his cool photo?  Two French guys decide to impress their dream girl and shoot an extreme video. But when they advance into action all their expectations are broken down.



Germany, 2017

Director: Verner Fidler

One day Elias comes across a strange mime, who doesn’t know German and uses only gestures for communication. The characters become friends but refugee Halim has to leave Germany urgently. He gives his friend a memorable gift of speaking about the world without words.   


I see you

Russia, 2017

Director: Denis Kudryavtsev

Young Christina is an unlucky gang member and a poor contributor to common fund. She fails the task of stealing a parked car case. It all happened due to an unexpected encounter with the backseat passenger. It is a blind guy who is about to change her life.



UAE, 2016

Director: Boubaker Boukhari

The protagonist was born special, he had no arms. His parents were very protective and didn’t let him out. But the son matured and the domestic imprisonment seemed unbearable. And when he finally dares to flee an amazing discovery is made! Tight bondage concealed hidden wings.



USA, 2016

Director: Julien Laseeur

Life sometimes comes to a point when plan B doesn’t work. That is the right time to call Lenny, he will come and help you die. But cunning Lenny does not only teach losers to pass away fast but takes away their furniture to sell it afterwards.



Greece, 2016

Director: Fenia Cossovitsa

Crisis-bound Greece forces locals to lease their comfortable flats and move to barracks. They share a kitchen, a toilet and line up to take a shower. These household inconveniences create a setting for first love outburst which is destined to be unhappy…



Hungary, 2016

Director: David Borbas

Petty thief Bruno decides to rob a parked taxi. He is ready to drive it but Dunya, who mistakenly took him for a taxi driver, asks to take her to Vienna. There is no way back and he agrees. What will their trip end up with?



Japan, 2017

Director: Kei Chikaura

A young man is on his way from China to Japan for a job interview in a big company. If he gets the job he will be able to restore family business ruined after his father’s death. There is only one problem the young man doesn’t know Japanese which is a must for an applicant.


Take note

Russia, 2016

Director: Tair Polad-zade

Lightminded acceptance of the stranger’s offer to change Andrey’s past made him realize that the family «forgot» about his existence. Now he is to convince the Proper Relationship Ministry member to bring everything back.


The Best... From the First Person

Russia, 2017

Director: Alexander Tsoi

A young man shooting a street video meets a robbed girl. She needs money to get back to her hometown Vologda. The adventure seeker makes her an offer to cover the expenses of the return ticket. A beautiful stranger …agrees. But the cameraman faces surprising things.  



Indonesia, 2016

Director: Harvan Agustriansyah

A hired driver goes to a remoted Indonesian village to recruit people for demonstration participation. Lack of workplaces makes the offer very tempting. The driver encounters a competitor and a conflict bursts out. It reveals the real value of human life.



Israel, Germany, 2017

Director: Michael Grudsky

A young Israeli officer Eres assisted by two soldiers is assigned to transport imprisoned Megiddo. The vehicle breaks down and the driver gets asthma attack. The arrestee, a former mechanic, is the only person who can save the escort guards. Will he do it? 



Germany, 2016

Director: Tonio Hecker

Young scientist Alexey comes to Mr. Tovalsky for research project assistance. But instead of supervision he gets an old recorder meant for … nature sounds transcribing.  What will the surrounding world tell the young man?



Russia, 2017

Director: Tatyana Fedorovskaya

Former front radio operator takes blinking of a burning out lightbulb for signals sent by his late wife. Her love won't die even when the light goes down.



Egypt, 2015

Director: Mohamed Kamel

Nour is a schoolboy and lives with his father who channels all his love and care towards the daughter. They have perfect relations that seem to last forever. As the girl gets older her father keeps giving her toys and crayons. Is it possible to overcome hardships?