24 July 2017

III International Motivational Film and Sport Festival BRIDGE of ARTS announced full-length films competition program. The program comprises films produced only in 2017. Filmmakers out of 11 countries will compete for the main prize.

Main competition program includes 10 films produced in 2017, 6 of them will be screened in Russia for the first time. Two Russian films and those produced in France, Slovakia (joint project), Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Iran and Japan constitute the program.

Films differ from each other in their storytelling, genre and director’s vision, but all of them make up a complex pattern of a kaleidoscope symbolizing modern outlook on life, people’s self-identification, expectations of miracles and ways of achieving their goals.  Italian senior citizens, a German lad and a Russian women’s facility guard inspire viewers not to give up and to live up to the hilt. The power for creation is always within ourselves and the film selection is aimed to remind viewers about it and motivate them, – Elena Larionova, program director of BRIDGE of ARTS stated.

Competition screenings will take place on 24-27 August. Roger Christian (Canada), director, scriptwriter, producer and set decorator, will preside over the main competition jury. Director Milcho Manchevski (Macedonia, USA), actress Maria Golubkina (Russia), producers Nick Powell (United Kingdom) and Massimo Cristaldi (Italy) will be jurors.  

BRIDGE of ARTS 2017 full-length film competition program includes:

Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, 2017
Director: Bohdan Sláma
Scriptwriter: Bohdan Sláma
Producers: Pavel Strnad, Petr Oukropec
Music: Michal Holubec, Marek Piaček
DoP: Divis Marek 
Cast: Zuzana Kronerová, Pavel Nový, Daniel Vízek, Václav Neužil, Tatiana Vilhelmová and others.

67-year-old Hana is the heart and soul of family that gathers weekly for dinner. Hana’s husband died several years ago and she started taking care of the house on her own.  She looks after grandchildren and support her sons with money.
Same routine lasted for decades. Hana has some household problems but her children are too busy to help her. Having a walk with her grandchild she notices a drowning man and she pulls him out of icy water. This unexpected encounter changes her life completely. Hana falls in love with the saved man but this fact displeases her sons. But the mother knows what she needs.

Italy, 2017
Director: Fabio Fulco
Scriptwriter: Fabrizio Quadroli
Producers: Claudio Bucci, John Cesaroni 
Music: Franco Eco 
DoP: Dario Germani
Cast: Stefania Sandrelli, Orso Maria Guerrini, Ivano Marescotti, Gianmarco D’Angelo, Ivano Marescotti, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Maurizio Mattioli

Residents of Santa Margarita retirement home decide to help their friend who lost all her savings in a flash. They plan to …rob a Bingo club. Senior criminals’ gang is well-organized and careful. But their plan went wrong because of contingence. The editorial debut of Fabio Fulco is filled with warm sense of humour.

Brazil, 2017
Director: Mauro Lima
Scriptwriter: Mauro Lima
Producers: Paula Barreto, Rômulo Marinho Jr.
DoF: Paulo Vainer
Cast: Alexandre Nero, Davi Campolongo, João Pedro Germano, Rodrigo Pandolfo, João Carlos Martins, Giulio Lopes

This film is based on Joao Carlos Martins true story. The pianist had poor health and spent most of his childhood in isolation. Piano was his embodiment of the world. Love and fame come to the young virtuoso. Trauma received during a game of football ruins his perfect career. His beloved dies. His whole life falls apart but the character keeps fighting and becomes a left-handed pianist. His left hand tumour is shocking but eventually leads to the characters’ rebirth into a director.

France, Germany, Belgium, 2017
Director: Stéphane Robelin
Scriptwriter: Stéphane Robelin
Producer: Fabian Gasmia
DoP: Priscila Guedes
Music: Vladimir Cosma
Cast: Pierre Richard, Yaniss Lespert, Fanny Valette, Stéphanie Crayencour, Stéphane Bissot, Macha Méril

After his wife’s death 75-year-old Pierre Stein gets severely depressed and resorts to solitude. Trying to distract him form sadness his relatives give him a computer. Pierre creates a profile on a dating site and starts romantic communication with a young girl. The profile information was rather flattering and far from being true. Intrigued and captivated by such an elegant and sophisticated communication a 28-year-old girl decided to meet Mr Stein in person. Pierre is at a loss and sends a young IT teacher instead of him. What will come out of it?

Germany, 2017
Director: Marc Rothemund
Scriptwriters: Oliver Ziegenbalg, Ruth Toma, Saliya Kahawatte
Producers: Yoko Higuchi-Zitzmann, Tanja Ziegler, Stefan Gärtner
Music: Michael Geldreich, Jean-Christopher Ritter
DoP: Bernhard Jasper
Cast: Kosja Ullman, Nilam Farooq, Anna Maria Mühe, Rouven Blessing, Ludger Pistor 

Young and optimistic Saliya dreams of joining a team of a luxury hotel staff. He fits in perfectly: he is good-looking, well-educated and charming.  But his poor eyesight is a hindrance. But such drawback can’t stop him from getting his dream job. He manages to conceal this fact during an interview. Innate optimism and a close friend help him overcome difficulties and unveil a new world. He travels, does sports and leads a life unachievable for many well-sighted people. This film is based on a true story.

Spain, 2017
Director: Felipe Vara de Rey
Scriptwriter: Hugo Mas, Felipe Vara de Rey
Producers: Rafael Alberola Rubio, Carmen Alonso, Guillermo Benet
PoP: Federico Cesca
Music: Victor Magro
Production designer: Miguel de Cruz, Gema Siveroni
Cast: Antonio Mayans, Felipe Vara de Rey, Andres Lima, Antonio de Cos, Juli Mira and others

Spain of December 2015, Nosatros’s setting, is suffering from a severe political and economic crisis. Five days are left before the presidential elections; citizens’ votes will determine the country’s destiny. But prospective voters are busy with their own matters. One character got entangled into his daily routine, the other is fighting with his ex-wife for his daughter and one of them can’t accept the reality of his parents’ aging. Presidential elections are as important as their life and relationships. The five friends meet together on the election weekend and voice their decisions: «I don’t know what is going on. None of us does. It is fear. – Sara, I have never seen you scared. – But I was. We all know that feeling. That’s why we are waiting for something to happen. Maybe we should quit waiting? …»

Japan, 2017
Director: Shinobu Yaguchi
Scriptwriter: Shinobu Yaguchi
Producers: Takashi Ishihara, Minami Ichikawa, Kiyoshi Nagai
Music: Takashi Nomura
Cast: Wakana Aoi, Masashi Arifuku, Fumiyo Kohinata, Yuki Izumisawa, Eri Fukatsu

At first sight Survival Family joins the chain of apocalyptic narratives. The film starts with a horrifying power outage. All electrical devices stop functioning. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is in ruins and life has drastically changed. Head of the family, Fumiyo Kohinata, makes a decision to evacuate his family to his native town of Kagoshima. This is when the director’s talent of humorous storytelling reveals itself. Yaguchi makes fun of his characters but at the same time together with viewers he feels affection and compassion. Shinobu Yaguchi ridicules absurdity of urban civilization and criticizes modern people unpracticality.

White Nights
Russia, 2017
Directors: Tatyana Voronetskaya, Andrey Bogatyrev
Scriptwriters: Vyacheslav Durnenkov, Andrey Bogatyrev, Tatyana Voronetskaya

Producer: Tatayana Voronetskaya
DoP: Sergey Baskoev
Cast: Olga Stashkevich, Dmitry Sergin, Andrey Bogatyrev, Vyacheslav Shihalev, Victor Tihomirov

Film is based on the similarly named novel of Fyodor Dostoevsky. Petersburg alongside with main characters becomes a participant of events. Petersburg streets bring together a humble lonely dreamer and a sophisticated romantic girl. The film shows four white nights of love, Petersburg and Dostoevsky. Everything becomes silent in anticipation of miracle.

Iran, 2017
Director: Moastafa Taghizadeh
Scriptwriter: Moastafa Taghizadeh
Producer: Kamran Madjidi
Cast: Bahram Radan, Sareh Bayat, Mehrdad Sedighian, Bahareh Kian Afshar, Shahram Haghighat Doust and others

Shahab, Nahal, Khamed, Faramarz and Niki are young, talented scientists trying to immigrate from Iran to Europe to continue their research. They have ideas, plans and perspectives. But a few days before their trip Khamed was down with serious disease. He needs urgent organ transplantation. The friends face a challenge whether to give up their idea and save a life or not. What is more precious a life-long dream or a life? As the situation develops main characters reveal their inner self and make their most important choice in life.
This is a drama about people’s relations, goals and their achievement. This film poses a question: what each of us would do and choose if we were in the Iranian scientists’ place?

Zhgi! (LIGHT UP)
Russia, 2017
Director: Kirill Pletnev
Scriptwriter: Kirill Pletnev
Producers: Ruben Dishdiyan, Vadim Goryainov
DoP: Sergey Mikhalchuk
Cast: Inga Oboldina, Victoria Isakova, Anna Ukolova, Vladimir Ilin, Alexey Shevchenko and others.

Alevtina Romanova is a women's facility guard. She looks correspondently strict but her opera-like voice ruins her austere image.  She gave up the idea of becoming a singer in her childhood and now she sings only for herself. Romashka (the nickname given by her friends) tried to sing secretively but one inmate manages to record her singing on her phone and upload it to the Internet. Video becomes a sensation. Alevtina is invited to Moscow to partake in the main national vocal competition. The character is delighted at the perspective but is not ready for the competition. The only person who lends her a helping hand is the inmate who recorded her voice, she used to be a singer herself.