BRIDGE of ARTS 2016 begins the countdown

20 May 2016

On the 20th of May on the press conference «BRIDGE of ARTS 2016. 100 days until the Festival" the organizers of the II International Motivational Film Festival presented new formats and revealed the details of the preparations for the upcoming event. In particular, a competitive component was integrated in the short films program, special screenings of films about the Rostov region, and a program of workshops of well-known experts of the global filmmaking industry.

International Festival of motivational movies BRIDGE of ARTS will be held this year from the 24th to the 28th of August. The major events will take place in Rostov-on-Don but some events will take place in the cities of Rostov region: Azov, Taganrog, Shahti, Starocherkassk. The event map might expand as the Festival approaches.

BRIDGE of ARTS retain its multi-format: like last year the International Festival of motivational films and sports will go hand in hand with business forums and town festivals. Educational component this year has been taken on a new level: a number of workshops by famouse experts of the world film industry are panned for the duration of the Festival. To communicate with experts and guests of the festival will be able to, and local filmmakers. Which is a chance for both, the guests and the local filmmakers, to spend time communicating with the experts.

Organizers reported that currently they are at the final stage of accepting applications from the film groups for the inclusion in the competing program of BRIDGE of ARTS. It is planned that the audience will see up to 25 full-length films (10 of them will participate in the competition program) and about 30-40 short films. For the latter this year its own jury will be formed headed by the French producer Alain Depardieu. It’s announced that currently the program director team considers applications from filmmakers from China, Mongolia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, France, Argentina, Germany, Malaysia, Serbia, the United States and Russia. It is already clear that Rostov will see at least two world premieres with one of them being Russian. "Rostov Inspires" , a special program dedicated to the Don region, starts accepting applications and the film selection on June 1st.

The program of the Business Forum of film and media content will be expanded as well. This year it will last for three days. The main topic will be Co-production. Also the professionals will discuss the current trends in the international distribution of films, in particular the impact of the Internet on the world distribution model. Participants will present possibilities of cinema as a business, will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Product placement in movies. At the "Country Focus" conference Russian and foreign delegations will present their countries. Rostov and the Rostov region as a movie filming site will be presented by the "Southern Regional Industrial-production center".

Organizers noted that the concept of maximum transparency of the festival will be preserved. The guests of the festival, famous actors, sports-figures and filmmakers will not only play the traditional role of status persons walking the Red Carpet but also act as an example that inspires people. They will tell their success stories, share the secrets of achieving their goals.