BRIDGE OF ARTS – 2016 became the best touristic event in the South, devoted to the Year of Russian movie

30 September 2016

On 29 September in Sevastopol the jury summarized the regional competition Nation Award in the area of events tourism Russian Event Awards of North Caucasus and Southern Federal Region. II International Motivational Film Festival Bridge of arts was ranked first in the category “The best touristic event, devoted to Year of Russian movie”. 

The 39 projects from 7 regions of the country( Stavropol and Krasnodar region, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions, Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol) took a part at Russian Event Awards at the regional stage. Rostov region presented 8 events, held during the year. Among them: All-Russian Literary-folk festival “Sholokhov spring”, International Chekhov book festival and others.

The members of jury noticed, that the second festival became more professional and significant for region, contrary last year, when BRIDGE of ARTS was only tested. The events started in February, when the series of special screening “Present-day screen adaptation of A.P. Chekhov” was gone, and finished in November-December.

As the group of festival planed, the main events took place at the end of August. This year BRIDGE OF ARTS doubled the number of feature film, run a competition of the short films, and invited more Russian and global movie leaders on the red carpet. Firstly the festival collected and presented the films about Rostov region or the films, done in Rostov region (Project “Rostov-on-Don inspires”). There is another movement: the business forum of movie and media content, where producers, film directors and script writers could not only give the benefit of experience, but also conclude a contracts in real time.

Among the organization’s strengths of proposal members of expert council mentioned thoroughly detailed business components, right project positioning and region promotion by means of festival. The jury separately emphasizes the pithiness and memorable informative performance of presentation. “The festival contributes to promotion of region in Russia and abroad. We conducted an excursion around the city and region for the guests of BRIDGE OF ARTS and federal media at the first festival. This year our exclusive excursions were accessible for citizens of Southern capital absolutely free.” – told PR-manager of BRIDGE of ARTS Alexey Pavlovsky.

Now the team presents project in the final of Nation award «Russian Event Awards», which will take place on 13-15 October in Yaroslavl.