Applications for a special program “Rostov Insripes!” are open

01 June 2016

II International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS has announced the start of accepting applications for participation in a special program of screening “Rostov inspires!” These extra screenings are organized for the demonstration of the regional potential: the program includes films shot in Rostov region by the local cinematographers or with their involvement.

Only feature films, documentaries and animated films that were shot in Rostov region are eligible for participation in the “Rostov inspires!” program. Motivational films are in priority for selection: films with the acts of heroism, selfless devotion, and the ones aiming at self-evolution and personality growth.

One of the aims of BRIDGE of ARTS is to promote the Rostov region as an area that is absolutely perfect for filming organization. Here we have excellent locations, many authentic and talented specialists. With the special program “Rostov inspires!” we want to illustrate these ideas”, said PR director of BRIDGE of ARTS Alexey Pavlovsky.

He marked that “Rostov inspires!” would become a place for communication of local cinematographers and experts from all over the world. Cinema teams representatives are supposed to present their projects, answer the questions raised by the industry representatives, and hear the reviews.

Application forms for participation in screening program are accepted till July 15, 2016. It is known that this program will introduce a premiere of the film “Across the Don”, which is a result of the cinema lab “City code” that took place in Rostov-on-Don; its shooting was wrapped last October.