An agreement of cooperation with Beverly Film Festival is signed

13 April 2016

International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beverly Film Festival – the International film festival held annually in Beverly Hills, California. The major part of this cooperation concerns the use of the American partners experience in integrating the new and innovated approaches to the film industry.

The agreement was signed by the Beverly Film Festival founder Nino Simone and the president of IMFF BRIDGE of ARTS Oleg Taktarov. The parties agreed to consult in such aspects as implementation of the international festivals hosting standards, business forum organization, and integration with a new generation of the film industry. In particular, the teams of both festivals will examine the main characteristics of the international film events, discuss the selection principles of the motivating films, analyze the business forums and choose the most successful ways of event hosting. The Russian party’s special interest is Beverly Film Festival experience in the work with newcomers in film industry including their county and abroad.

This cooperation became possible through the long professional relations of both festival’s executives. “I have been working with Oleg Taktarov for 20 years, he is a great fighter and a very talented actor. Like Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal, he managed to become a movie star out of the martial artists which was not so easy; it is a real success story”, said Nino Simone.

Involving American partners to the Rostov region film industry can be an important aspect of cooperation. Oleg Taktarov described to the participants the benefits of organizing film production in the Don region: its unique daylight duration, various types of locations, access to infrastructure, economic effectiveness. By the way, the last argument attracted the most interest of a Brazilian-born movie producer Frederico Lapenda present at the meeting. With the actresses Daniela Escobar and Noelle Perris, he confirmed his willingness to contribute to the cooperation of two festivals. They all are invited to the II International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS hosted in Rostov-on-Don on August 24-28, 2016.