The 1st International Festival «Bridge of Arts» completed its work

24 August 2015

The closing ceremony of the 1st International Festival “Bridge of Arts” took place in August 23, at the cinema of “Rostov”. The organizers recognized successful the first experience of the large-scale forum in the sphere of film industry, sports and film business and therefore announced the start of the next festival preparation that will be in 2016.

Initially, the closing ceremony was planned to be held in private in the presence of festival participants and guests but eventually there will be decided to continue the tradition of maximum openness that was  established by «Bridge of Arts - 2015». As a result, Rostovites saw the second for the week red carpet and star guests and then were able to witness the awarding of the statuettes and watch the closing movie.

The Turkish movie “The Human within Me” by the director Aydin Sayman won the main festival prize in the nomination of "The Best Movie". The Italian director, the creator of the “Wake Up and Fight” movie, Stephano Lorenzi, was awarded for the best directing work. The same film got the statuette for the best music for the film. The author of the soundtrack, Alexey Vorobyov, got the prize.  The male ensemble of actors in the Italian movie “So Far So Good” won the prize for the best male role. The actress Badema, who played in the Chinese movie “Norjmaa”, was noticed for the best female role. The Russian actress, Irina Kupchenko, who played the main role in the finishing festival movie “Uchilka”, was awarded the prize for the contribution in the cinematography development.

In the same day, in August 23, the sports festival “Bridges” program during “Bridge of Arts-2015” was finished on the Rowing Channel. Master-classes by Russian and foreign sportsmen and famous actors, who are popular with their sports achievements, were included in the program. The public saw the competitions of athletic and acrobatic dance, parkour, street workout, powerlifting and other disciplines.

Earlier there was a festival business program in Rostov-on-Don. The main theme was the creation of the film cluster in Don Region. The experts talked about the advantages of Rostov region as a shooting area: the unique in the duration daylight hours, a variety of locations, about the lowest in Europe prices for the services of local specialists and the availability of infrastructure. Besides, the film production development in the region will form the positive image of Rostov region for the residents of the other regions and help in searching for local talented youth. According to the results of the passed movie scripts presentation during the business program there was announced the agreement with the local scriptwriters about the series shooting in Don region capital which is devoted to a sort of “visiting cart” of the city, “Rostov-Father” of 20s of the last century.

Deputy Governor of Rostov region, Igor Guskov, claimed on the closing ceremony that the government of the region is planning about the working on the Second International «Bridge of Arts». He also claimed that the government will try to “register” the festival in Rostov for a long time.  “The festival “blew up” Rostov-on-Don”. Both the participants and the spectators got a lot of positive emotions,” said Igor Guskov. He added that “Rostov-on-Don has everything and the only thing that was not there – this festival and now it is also there”.