About the festival

Multiformat event

BRIDGE of ARTS is a multiformat event comprising three directions: a motivational film festival, a business forum and a number of sport events accompanied by city holidays, excursions, spectacular concerts and shows. Russian tourism and travel film competition “Russia Inspires!” will be conducted within the frameworks of the festival for the first time. The program will include films depicting sights of various regions of Russia.

The festival pursuing the “maximum openness” policy

Unlike private screenings BRIDGE of ARTS encourages audience interaction. All the festival events are open for both citizens and guests. Invited sport and cinema celebrities will not only mark the prestige of the event but will actively participate in masterclasses, film presentations, autograph and photo sessions and share their personal success stories.

The central theme of the festival

Overcoming challenges and moving towards positive changes in life constitute the central theme of the festival. The basic principles promoted by the festival are self-motivation, healthy lifestyle and desire to cooperate. Motivational films are the inspirational ones. These films encourage viewers to look up to main characters and enjoy life.

Inspirational Movies

The program comprises films of diverse genres and opposing concepts. The viewers will be offered documentaries and feature films: dramas, comedies, melodramas, horror and historical films. Motivation spirit will be sensed in all of them. The festival draws emphasis to children’s films and films focusing on ecological issues.

Business forum

The business forum events are aimed at developing effective strategies for battling current film industry issues. Co-production, international film distribution, advantages and disadvantages of product placement and other topics used to be a focus of attention in previous years.

Integral part of the forum

Pitchings, public project presentations, and discussions led by prosperous Russian and foreign filmmakers are an integral part of the forum. A series of masterclasses conducted by distinguished representatives of film industry will be included into the forum’s agenda.

The festival will impress

In 2016 BRIDGE of ARTS reached the final of Russian Event Awards and as an event dedicated to the Year of Cinema won «Best Tourist Event» award . The festival became a Russian Event Tourism laureate in «Innovative Event Project» category. Ministry of Culture of Russia organized the competition.